Millenials stay away

As an elder statesman in this forum I got to listen to real rap/hip hop.
The West side crew -Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Ice Cube, WC, Nate, Kurupt, Warren G, Xzibit
Cypress Hill
LL Cool J
Busta Rhymes
DMX et al
Been trying to keep with the times and listen to this shit that is today’s flow (what do they call that again?) but can only put up with it after a bottle of JD (cos I don’t hear the music at that point).

Even as we reminisce about the good old music we must not forget that there’s the good new pussy. Pussy is one thing that has become sweeter with the millenials and we must fucking sponsor them and give them grown up dick.



They refer to music as Grime

Let me throw a few others…
Milkshake - Female Body
Wasteman- those they dislike
Slew- beat someone lyrically
Zoot - blunt kama ile naona unatumia kikikiki…

I could have added more but wacha nikacheke about the usual last sentence.

I am not a rapper

Music that has stood the test of time. Acha utu twa mwaka nusu tunasahaulika juu hakuna lyrics