Millenial interns and work place attitude

For the past three months, we’ve had a couple of interns at the office. I was assigned as supervisor to one of the girls.

She got the internship through our technical manager, who is pals with her dad, and is also my superior. She’s a 20 year old btw and before you ask, I have never solicited any sexual favours from the lass for two main reasons: she is very thin and tiny (4ft 5") and I like my women the same way Uwesmake likes his; she is too immature and childish for a 20 year old.

So on Monday she tells me her supervisor from school is coming for an evaluation within the week which is normal. The thing is, this chick is just the laziest intern we have ever had. And my colleagues agree as well. She’s always the last one reporting to the office and the first one to shut down her computer 30 minutes before clocking out.

One time when she was still fresh, I asked her to write up a report on a particular subject matter and she flat out told me, “Hiyo sijui ni nini. Hata sijawahi kuiskia.” I told that’s precisely why I asked her to do it, and she should learn from it. The next morning I asked her for the report and she told me she didn’t understand the subject and was unable to do it. A few similar incidences after that and I washed my hands off her. I let her be. The other interns on the other hand are always asking questions and asking to be shown how to carry out different tasks. This one of mine spends the day with earphones watching tv series and movies on her phone.

So yesterday she brings me her logbook for the past 12 weeks to sign and it was practically empty. I asked her what she expects me to sign and report as the work she’s done for the past 3 months, and she tells me to “just sign I’ll write the reports at home.” I told her I can’t sign a blank logbook. Bila shame, she borrowed another interns logbook and copied their reports and brought it to me for signing this morning.

I’ve been really at odds with myself as to the sort of report I shall give when he comes kesho. Give a very negative report and have her on the lecturers cross-hairs for the rest of her school term, ama nilenge tu hiyo story coz of the potential blowback on me and let her find out for herself that you can’t just skate along through life coz you know people.

How are the interns at your places and how do you deal with their bad attitudes?

Ask for the father’s contacts and let him know he’ sacrificing his money on a lost cause.

The latter, seems her parents have been slack hence her poor attitude and overall character. Sign the damn sheet and like pontius pilate, wash your hands off her

first that’s an attachment not an internship.
secondly give her a positive feedback am sure she might have a resit or retake back in school acha wakang’ang’ane na lecturers shule…

For the time she has been with you is there anything documented showing her ineptitude? I guess not. In that case it will be very difficult to back you up. In a way you too have failed in your role as a supervisor. Sit down with her and her supervisor from college and explain why you are unable to give her a clean bill of health.

Positive ? How now? That’s encouraging the sloth.

If you can access the father/technical manager you can let him know of the situation and assess how he feels about it and what you should do if not, just sign the papers coz maybe she is dadys girl and you will end up bringing complications in your workplace.

Wacha akafunziwe mbele na sisi.

yenyewe hio situation yako ni tricky. Kunywa faxe tatu baridi, i can bet utapata solution. Thank me later

Red flag! Whoever is in charge of her growth and development has done a poor job. Tell her to read online on her experiences and how young ladies should conduct themselves.

i can see her…all dolled up and moving around with headphones in her ears even in project troubleshooting meetings…and most of the time chewing…

next you’ll meet her on the beach in malindi with fiud masho mzungu…

oh, sign the damn thing, it will not be your fault when she gets into problems in her attempt to fake it through life…

Huyo ni bure.
If you give her a clean bill you’ll be partly responsible for the mediocrity running rife all over the place.
During my attachment 15 years or so ago, I rode my bicycle daily between UON and Kabete and was made to work crazy tasks and hours.
Later on, whenever I took on interns I expected the same of my subjects, and even employed some.
Don’t lower your standards.

just sign hio kitu . @Knight_Blaq nisaidie number yake kwa inbox .

Funza io ngombe iache kufikiria na kuma.

GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT! Next time you will be her victim of misdiagnosis from which ever field

Sign the papers, hizo zingine atajisort

Sign the damn papers but let her dad or the tm know about the whole friggin thing. Let it be known that she is as lazy as they come

…once a student on attachment was sent away, reason being…no idea of what antibiotics are…yet mtu ako 3rd year, kazi tu ni kujaza department na students wengine wale wako different departments in the same organisation. The guy skives and absconds without permission. The guy doesnt understand ettiquete anakuja job amevaa kama 50cent…ngepa imeface side…he had to go before his time was over…there is a way fate has a way of deaLing with such because huyu wetu alirudi akafukuzwa shule

sign da ting. be non commital with the supervisor.
atafunzwa mbele na ulimwengu.

was in charge of several interns, but this one boy from Egerton Uni doing Computer Science was rude, annoying & lazy as ferk plus was related to an equally lazy guy kwa marketing dept! So I conspired with H.R to divert his intern stipend evenly among other interns.

Ngombe kama izo ndio zitatupea dawa hazifai.