Military Drones

If you look clearly now that the skies are clear, you might be lucky to spot a military drone like the one attached below.
I spotted one in Westlands area yesterday. Big Brother is seriously watching.[ATTACH=full]10046[/ATTACH] :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Hio kitu ni mambo mbaya

bora isi-unleash hellfire by mistake…halafu kasin atuachie mbili au tatu za kutafuta kebab huko mboni forest…

I’m sure if there are any flying in our airspace they are not armed, zinafanya recon tu.

Some say KDF has a few, makes you wonder why we are not using them to track cattlerustlers and am shabaab.

wacha niulize ulize…

Controller hua anona kaa anacheza video game.
remember what a certain prince said

I highly doubt this, its near impossible to see them with you bare eyes

he is a Robot,mtu wa turedio

Its very possible to spot them ‘in clear skies’…Just the other day one was spotted around Nyayo Stadium during a national holiday and actually reported in the papers the following day. so its not like that its some kind of an UFOo_O

The one you reffering to belongs to someone for taking pictures not for war.Kenya army confiscated one for good.

did you take that photo?

No I didn’t. I couldn’t.
By the way was it you that i saw on Saturday with a Cheki Maneno along the Eastern Bypass? You were taking photos of the airport??

hehehe,For covering events and documentaries the dude was hired by Nat Geo. I have met him.

KDF wako nayo for recon and use in Somalia. a US Marine was seconded to amisom as an adviser but I think he also monitors the use

In fact in clear skies they are able to fly on higher altitude

Moja pekee?? Granted these toys are expensive to purchase, but wouldn’t they be better than building a damn wall along our border with Somalia?

They could also save a lot of lives in those death valleys in the rift valley.

Israel had offered support and I think drones were part of the package a deal Raila as PM negotiated but on landing at JKiA he blurted out and all hell threatened to boil over in middle east so they backed down

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You mean it’s illegal to have a camera drone? Saw some whittie rancher with one and Want to get one too as a hobby.

Not its not as long you have yourself cleared by the security agents.
Instead of having choppers with big time overhead costs this is the best option for covering even weddings,doucumentaries,news so many things buda boss.
I have always been obsessed with them and always reading in their designs.

weddings and music videos are niches for this, true.