Militarisation of City Hall

Anyone who has an idea Uhuru’s agenda in appointing Military men at City Hall? Who will they be accountable to!?Senate or C-I-C?

how true is this shit…???
Thought ni fake news

They will be accountable to the nationally Elected President of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai waKenyatta. The land cartels in Irovi have been checkmated.

I think they have just received a lifetime of a boost. Somalia…charcoal…ring a bell?

They report directly to President Uhuru not even chief of staff Mwaita. President Uhuru choices before was sakaja, peter Kenneth, elachi, tuju and eugene wamalwa who would in turn coordinate with OP supers at Harambee house. However something spooked him. Didn’t trust any of them. NIS DG was called in to give his opinion. He recommended the Major General for the job and he in turn has decided also to pick his own team from the military not the civilians.

All these other fake stories of militarization of Nairobi are fake. After all 8 years later as Commander in Chief is when people get spooked about President Uhuru controlling the military!!! Since independence every corner of Nairobi has always had military presence. People just got used to it and forgot. Waiyaki way has Kabete Barracks, Thika road has Kahawa Barracks, Mombasa road has Embakasi air infantry Barrack, Ngong road has Karen defense college and Langata Road has Langata barracks. The whole idea was that he doesn’t even trust his own people anymore and prefers military men with better moral and leadership qualities.

I have an idea that you can’t handle…

I think he knows the walls are closing in on him. Politically his odds in 2022 appear to be shaky at best (I cannot think of a time Cendro politicians openly defied their kingpin so strongly) so he’s placing his trust in soldiers, who’s loyalty is to the state and their CinC. Military men will do whatever they are told no questions asked. They could care less about the optics, in fact soldiers are notoriously bad at diplomacy and the subtle court intrigues of political theater. I think that’s what Uhuru is counting on. I doubt a guy who’s had people answer “Yes sir” to everything he says for much of his career has the slightest idea how to be shrewd, scheming and Machiavellian. He only knows orders. How to give them and how to take them.

Their socialization is just so different. In the military your rank does everything for you before you even speak. This is why very few military men cross over into politics successfully without serious external support and lobbying by power brokers. They’re just not built for it, the government prefers giving them soft landings at parastatals.

I’m sure a lot of politicians and their tenderpreneur pals are worried though. The military in Kenya has always taken a back seat on matters politics (compared to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi etc), this new precedent has likely rattled them.

Sonko sasa ako just ceremonial

how would peter kenneth have come in?

But wakiona vile leaders wanamdharau wanaweza kuchukua advantage and overthrow him. Generals wanukishe kitunguu

what leaders? rutos thugs??

Central leaders

lmao…those associated with ruto?

Kwanini utaogopa ruto. Konyagi ameambiwana kinoti kunaweza kua na coup. Baba today had a secret meeting with Ruto’s right hand man

sawa NIS. tuambie pia kuhusu alshabab

Izo ni fake news za Robert alai…so you believe raila can openly meet up with sudi in public? The only way that can happen is if sudi is a mole in tangatanga.

Baba ame realise Konyagi anatumia yeye kama ngazi. he’s doing some thinking

Come on don’t be lazy. Each wanted that seat currently occupied by the Maj Gen. None got it despite their lobby.

Thirikari cia mungiki those mungiki bastards who made city hall their cash cow will have to work hard to get rich all cartel will be finished it is just a matter of time.

hio ni kazi ya NIS si kinoti you idiot