Mileage Backrolling - ADVICE NEEDED

You’ve spotted a locally used car at a yard n decided to pay for it 100% over 3 weeks. During the time of paying kidogo kidogo u realize mileage has be backrolled by around 60k(qisj), if you add the 60k backrolled and mileage during inspection it gives u a total of like 180k as current mileage.
Remember, U had signed a car purchase agreement but the vehicle has not been transferred since u at 95% pay.
What would you do? Would u stop paying and get refund or get the car. It feels like a reap off.
Car value 1m.

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You’ll be lucky if they agree to refund you the money, especially if it’s a car they’ve tried selling for long

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Shida yako for not doing proper checks beforehand. Kukosa akili ni msalaba mkubwa sana wa kubeba

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Go easy on him. Probably didn’t know


Mileage made us chose the car, if i was to go to mombasa could have added some few coins kwa muarabu. My point is the seller should be geniune.

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Acha nikushow basi… all those low mileage cars you see all over have all been rolled back. And if they havent, that is not a vehicle you would want to touch with a long stick… Now that you know your car’s genuine mileage, you now know how to better take care of it and what is due at that service interval…

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‘As is where is’. You signed agreement, next time consult BEFORE making purchase.

Malizia tu alafu uanze kutafta buyer at a profit. Inakaa wewe ni “low milleage” worshipper.


Ama amalizie kulipa pia yeye a backroll ata kosa dwanzi kama yeye anaangalia mileage tu amuuzie


Few things:

  1. For a Locally used car, mileage should be the least of your worries. Angalia condition of the car and esp how it was used before.
  2. Cars are sold as is where is basis. You will be lucky if they agree to refund. Even if you hadn’t discovered the mileage issue, there is still something you will discover after some time e.g worn out part that needs replacement. Utaitisha refund bado?

Long story short, its not worth the hustle requesting for a refund. Maliza kulipa, use the car and if it doesnt meet your expectations - sell it.

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How did you realize the milleage issue?

Used qisj website

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mtu bladfakin sana…

Ita pamba afinye mtu makende na handcuffs

Go with a feel. Mention it and gage the reaction. If it starts going south, just pay for it and move on.

why coudnt you use the qisj website before buying the car?
sasa wakati watu huambiwa they do their due diligence wewe ulikuwa unacompare matako ya maside chic wako wote uone ni mgami akona matako kubwa.


hakuna lemon laws kenya… accept the shafting. legal battles will only drive up the cost

Pole lakini kubali tu umerambwa. Accept the lesson and move on

funfact, those cars are already 7-8 years old, you don’t expect a mileage of less than 100k. There’s a website for checking mileage, if the vehicle has not been transferred peleka hao polisi as long as the copy of the logbook shows different mileage. nowadays it is a criminal offence.
If you’ve not paid, don’t pay

Next time be realistic, if you want genuine mitumba car, a good mileage is between 150k-200k, at that range gearbox was already replaced, probably the engine is newer. Most parts already replaced .
A 90k mileage car, the gearbox is about to kaput, most parts needs replacing.

Hapa niukule L nausonge.
Hata if you go the legal way the seller can opt to pay through a payment plan for say 2years so utakuwa huna gari na pesa anakupatia kidogo kidogo kila mwezi.
Just be more vigilant and realistic about the mileage next time.