This man has balls of steel.(Warning: Use of strong language.)


Says the man caught with his his pants down with Shebesh nibbling on his miniscule manhood.
And still, he managed to convince gullible Kenyans that it was Photoshop and fake news!
And the good wananchi forgave and forgot.
And now he is setting the standards on matters Morality and Corruption!..

The Satire that is Kenyan politics Continues.

I concur with kabuda.
A convicted conman who ran away from jail before completing his sentence has no moral authority to lecture anyone.
Come to think of it, Sonko 1st ran for the Makadara mps seat using his father’s names.

Punda mbili zikishikana kutukana punda ingine…

The problem in our country is like we have shortage of leaders. Hawa politicians goes there for their selfish benefit.
We need sober leader who use their brains.

ni nini na wewe? Kassin ameguzwa?!

Wacha ukabila bana. If the guy is guilty afungwe. Don’t be biased Waiguru afungwe lakini kassin yako obado akiguzwa unaanza kusema hapana, lets look at ‘facts’ first. lets analyze and look for other boogeymen… she was a whore… it’s a political witchhunt… it’s Ayacko… wengine hata nimeskia wakisema ati the journalist did it!

Sonko amesema ukweli mchana mchana. Tuwache ujinga ya mtu wetu.

but he was fucking not stabbing and killing. kuna tofauti, one is pleasurable the other is… murder.

Furthermore,he wasn’t fucking a school girl, he was fucking a grown woman and a workmate.

I think you misquoted me. I believe the rich join politics to safeguard their ill gotten wealth.
Kama MTU amekosa sheria ichukue mkondo wake.

@Nattydread pia hii tuliona Saturday,will be tagging you vitu fresh zikifika huku usibaki nyuma .

did Sonko murder Shebesh to hide the affair?

The man who leaked the photos was actually killed. Bloggers have kept off Sonko’s business since that ordeal. Even Cyprian Nyakundi at the height of maligning Sonko’s name kept off photos and videos that can make Sonko uncomfortable.

Who killed him? Sii alijiangusha na gari?

“It takes a thief to catch a thief”

lets pray for our Governor as he uses his medicine porepore