Mike Sonko launches one of the biggest clubs in Africa.

Club yenyewe inaitwa VOLUME VIP CLUB na iko pale Shanzu Mombasa. I say hio dance floor ni kubwa. Security nayo ni noma, Sonko anakuona hadi ukikunia.

Ile pesa imemwagwa hapa sio kidogo. The club is 100% sound proof like the clubs in Miami.

The dance floor is massive and is apparently bulletproof and shatter proof again only similar to those found in Miami. Very impressive.

Also the number of Kenyans begging for employment at the club is very telling.





How many clubs does Sonko own anyway? Alcohol bill yake lazima iwe in the hundreds of millions of shillings.

Tukubali Sonko ni Sonko sio urongo.

[SIZE=7]PHOTOS of Sonko’s VIP Nightclub in Mombasa[/SIZE]
By Richard Kamau / Wednesday, 05 Jan 2022 06:50AM / 1 Comment / Tags: sonko club, VOLUME VIP CLUB

Mike Sonko is set to officially launch a new State-of-the-art nightclub in Shanzu, Mombasa.
Named ‘The Volume VIP Club’, the joint opened its doors to revelers on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve as a test run ahead of its official launch.
The club hosted Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo during the test run. Singer Tanasha Donna also made an appearance and staged a brief performance.

“We wanted Mombasa people and visitors to have a feel of what is to come. We have not yet set the official opening date, but it will be big,” Sonko said.

The Volume VIP Club boasts a capacity of 15,000 people and luxurious decor imported from different foreign countries.

It also has a VIP boardroom which has been soundproofed to keep away the sound from the main clubbing area.

The dance floor is reportedly made of bulletproof glass which lights up in different colours.
“It has been constructed in such a way that it will be giving off a feeling like that of a lift. There will be slight movement up and down because it has been made with a technology never seen before,” Sonko claimed.

The walls are also decorated with gold-coated lion statues and Versace branding.
There is also a specially designed area where revelers and celebrities can take photos.

“The car park will have a 24/7 security surveillance and has a capacity of 150 vehicles,” added Sonko.
Plans are said to be in place to bring in local and international artistes for the grand opening.
Here are some photos


Sonko is now back in business…joho and kabogo to join him soon…politics was a distraction…just like the old miami days

Angefungua hii club Nairobi but pengine yeye ndio anajua zaidi. This fellow is rich. To finance a project like that out of pocket without investment partners is no mean feat.

miyami nd’o gold standard ya maisha ama? :D:D

You say it like the guy is some business Guru , when your staple income comes from Pharmacy supplemented by the hundreds of millions he embezzled as Governor setting up such is nothing plus we know the volume of washing/laundering this club will do, it wasn’t set up as a business but a tool.

sonko is wealthy. problem is he lacks decorum and exposes himself. there is a day he appeared on TV with a ream of title deeds to prime land worth billions of shillings. politicos will take all of it through extortion if he isnt careful.

Targeting tourists. And property values in areas where he could built such a club are through the roof. No way he can recoup his investment. Maintenance will be a challenge. Na club business, you need constant upgrading.

@patco is this you and your kunguru enjoying yourselves?


Owing a nice club is a cool thing. BTW the prison he broke from is not far from the club wondering if the old neighbors are cool with him.:smiley:

Nah … nutting beats NY.

More like @rexxsimba and his land whales.

Volume sio mpya tumekunya huko miaka mingi

Maze God help me nisiwahi pata body shape ya huyo jamaa ako na trouser.

I remember that day. Jamaa came with a lot of tittle deeds happy ndio akasema he is worth the budget of Nairobi county which at that time was ksh. 30b

Na za Las Vegas ziko aje…

Were they authentic? Watu wa pharmacy know how to manupulate the system


Huko sasa ndio mambo yote. In Vegas you walk around with your mouth open because everything is shockingly amazing. Hotels so massive that even if you live there for a month you would never complete walking the whole hotel or seeing all the attractions. But to some people less is more. Kuna mtu anaeza lipa millions to go live in the simplest of islands where hakuna hata stima.