Mike Sonko has over performed...?

I mean considering the wide perception held by many guys in suits that this man would be a huge failure , it seems he’s gone way above expectations.

The place i live electricity connection is good and there’s minimal interruptions. Am always seeing roads being built here and there almost every month and they get COMPLETED. Water supply is constant. Emergency services one of Sonkos favourite sectors (had a pivate service for this as senator) is quite good. In 2 occasions i have witnessed the fire emergency service reach a scene in a record of around 15 minutes and they’re always trailed by an ambulance.He’s well connected with social services, even if you believe it’s just a show off that doesn’t change the fact the people who needed help got helped!

And most importantly corruption scandals are not as rampant as they were in Kideros tenure, can’t remember a time i saw Sonko as the main player in a Nairobi county corruption scandal. To be quite frank am quite impressed and will vote for the guy again over some fake suited pretenders.

Nairobians will you vote for Sonko come another election?

Sonko deals with issues as direct as a layman. That’s the kind of fixing this nation needs, let alone your county 047.

uncle ruto na sonkore, liwe liwalo

Natukikata utadu?

as a former special forces commando ,I can’t tell you my plan of attack,time will tell

Exactly the guy takes a hands an approach on every project. Sonko is a show off on a different dimension, he likes to show off his completed projects to the masses and who honestly has a complaint on that? Let him looks for accolades for work done. Bora kazi ifanywe.


You need a healthy dose of hands on approach and also laissez faire for things to properly function in this world especially huku Afrika, middle east na asia.

Sonko4plesdent… Naonanga hizo ambulance mtaani zikirespond

And dont forget 047 is the most complex county. Wengine wako gicagi and are failing miserably.

Lazima kuwe na gender equality

Why is he hiding in Mombasa?

sonko with is funny leadership style has performed better than kidero in everything
particularly health sector hakuna gavana anakaribia sonko i think thats why he scored high even ecd he was first gavana kuleta some milk for those kids and blabla

Guys, is traffic in Nairobi improved as well. I have noticed that apart from the areas close to road eexpansions on ngong road and thika road, traffic is flowing nicely especially in areas near town, or may be I have been lucky of late. What could be the explanation for this considering no new roads near town have been expanded?

I personally approve sonko work in all sectors, critics will always be critics.

Wenye wana disagree with the list of top 5 governors should produce an alternative rankings

there is no health sector to talk about. 047 hasn’t paid kemsa for supplies and kemsa stopped distributing drugs to the county hospitals.

Sonko has done great and I’ll continue voting for him

Only problem with our leaders is that, once they’re re-elected, they become complacent and very corrupt. I think one term is good enough, unless someone is phenomenal.

Brainless baboon

A lot of businesses and services have moved out of town as well as adoption of digital correspondence.

Hehehe electric connection is due to a governor? And smooth national roads.