[SIZE=7]Finally Governor Sonko Makes Progress In Delivering A Clean Nairobi, Check Out Achievements So Far ![/SIZE]

Almost one year since taking over as Nairobi Governor and signs of transformation are trending, yes Mike Sonko inherited a filthy city but steady progress has given hope to many residents. Check out some of the key areas he has registered progress despite Mt Kenya city hall cartels effort to derail him:

  1. Garbage is a thing of the past. Dumpsites are now flowers beds even in slums

  2. The County hospitals are fully discharging their mandate those that fail are removed.

  3. Water is in good supply & doesn’t fail.

  4. You don’t witness raw sewer spewing… do you.?

  5. Illegal structures along schools/roads are being demolished

  6. Road recarperting is ongoing

  7. Non performing workers or those suspected in corruption deals are not spared.

  8. Polio immunisation is on course.

  9. Traffic is almost manage(this one still needs a combined effort)

  10. No more mugging

  11. Public land reclaimed/ protected

he is trying, 60% naeza mpa

i like what he is doing.nimeona pale railways ame make pavement had TUK.

Mike Sonko we know your handwriting

Sonko is better than the learned jaruo by far.

SV umebakisha post ngapi ukuwe VE kaa the @maizeroaster

Niliwambia mkafikiri mimi ni chizi. Even Langata Road is being beautified for the first time in 25 years!

Hapo pa water, I don’t agree. Many places still have shortages.

That no. 5 is not accurate, slums have eaten up the estates… Vibanda kila mahali kwa barabara…

He will get a second term hands down

True, cartels wamemlemea kipande hiyo

Muggings bado ziko Waiyaki way and Muthurwa

On what part of Waiyaki Way were you mugging in?

Okay, so the piles of garbage I see everyday ni flowers? Nice to know

Every action has a political mileage. Huku machinani everything is wrong. Garbage bad roads etc. Tukutane kwa debe

Lower your car windows down kwa jam in those two places tuone how far utaenda na simu.

Kisumu is the only city you can move around with your windows down,your bitch beside you using her phone and no one will steal from you

@nichonasri = @SONKO2017

Hiyo ni kazi ya KURA. Kenha has almost eradicated all vibandas from their highways.

Acha kwanza mvua inyeshe tuone improvement, na bado nangoja ile garbage plant ya dandora ijengwe.

Well, then we live in different cities. Today I saw so many hawkers…No space to walk…ALL pavements are gone…matatu menace is still the same if not worse and I still hear people complain about water. As for the roads I think there is a government agency trying to handle it