Mike Sonko Endorses Kalonzo Musyoka For 2017 PORK

Poor Sonko . He has been shafted by like others before him.

Nairobi ni ya sonko

Lets see if baboun will reciprocate the sentiment.

Mike Sonko will join the opposition if wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is named the 2017 presidential flag bearer .

The Nairobi senator who is a member of Jubilee said Kalonzo was among leaders who traversed the country with him in 2012 and could vouch for him.

“For the sake of our community, leaders must unite, I traversed the country with Kalonzo. Even now I am ready as long as he is the flag bearer of Cord,” he said.

Sonko was speaking during the burial of the father of Mavoko MP Patrick Makau in Ngelani, Machakos County. John Kingo’ola died at the age of 75 years.

Minority leader Francis Nyenze urged the coalition partners to give Kalonzo a chance to lead the coalition.

But Johnstone Muthama (Machakos Senator) and James Orengo (Siaya) accused Nyenze of missing in the struggle for change in the country.

The two said it was unfair for some leaders to ignite political temperatures within the coalition yet they do not make efforts to join the leaders in the struggle for a better country.

Orengo said the three principals have committed to support whoever among them will emerge as the flag bearer.

Kalonzo assured supporters that the Party will conduct free nomination devoid of interference from any quarters.

“I urge you to remain steadfast in the Party, we will this time round make all efforts to conduct free and fair nominations and in good time, ” he said.

Kalonzo said the opposition is united for a purpose and that there should not be speculations whatsoever.

“Leaders have made sentiments here over the Coalition matters, we need not speculate, the unity of purpose of the CORD coalition is paramount” he added.

On April 12, Cord leader Raila Odinga indicated that he does not consider himself the automatic flag bearer of the coalition.

Both Raila’s co-principals in Cord, Kalonzo and Moses Wetangula, believe that they should be the presidential candidate in 2017.

But Raila’s supporters consider him the obvious choice.

This is just another game by the Jubilee. Encouraging discord in CORD. Urging Kalonzo to fight for Flag bearship so as to diminish any strength left in CORD.


Sonko is just a spoiler…

so what happens when kalonzo is shafted by his “friend”?

Western gone, Eastern gone,Coast partially gone CORD lossing even before the whistle is blown


2017 iko Jubilee locked. Akina Kalonzo na Weta wangojee ya 2022, meanwhile Raia mkuu akapate mawaidha from MO1 on how retirement life iko. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


As a honorary luyha weta akipata nahama jubilee

You are a fucking idiot. The title of your post makes me think so btw. My apologies.

Niaje homo web dev?

Hehe politics ni wagwan

Nu ureke ng’odu kati gaka. :D:D


cheza chini brathe… hii mambo tunaeza ongea 2018.


It is only politically naive idiots who still believe RAO will run for PORK 2017.

Who was he campaigning for in western?

ti hi hi hi hi…


Western gone? Since when? Have you spoken to any Westerner and been confirmed to that they have left the opposition? Ababu and Lusaka don’t speak for Westerners. In fact on the ground the sentiments against them are so strong and bitter, the duo is as good as out of office. Word.

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