Mike Sonko appointed Kenya's Ambassador to UAE, Gachagua son gets Indonesia

Mambo imeboil

Fake news, sonko hawezi pita security vetting ya kua Ambassador, neither can waititi

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You would be shocked. This is Kenya

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You know even the host country has to approve and if you have criminal cases, forget, unless you get posting to some shit hole country. Dubai is a key posting

Si jumwa alipita


That was local internal. Diplomatic doesn’t work like that. There is a reason no envoy has been appointed by this regime. The host country must approve. And you must be vetted by security here. Process mrefu

Political appointments in Kenya do sometimes surprise us lakini this would be going to far.

Watu walimusagua akuwe gafana Nairopi rakini hapa wanapiga kerere firre hafai kosaguliwa kama ambaseda


Stupid kisii ,mbwa hii ongea Kiswahili ama uende shakahola