Mike and single mum

Fictional story from the blog of mike majale .I invited this single mum that I had been eyeing for sometime in the neighborhood she was very beautiful nice tits and ass .Very pretty face.I pretended to like her boy who was very rude buying him sweets and snacks worth 200 bob over a one month period. Very cheap investment. I invited her to my house we had some wine .She became very horny .
I started kissing her slowly touched those boobs.Moved my hands down between her legs her pvssy was soaking wet.I put on the condom
First I banged her on the couch, my cock abrading her sensitive folds as I plunged inside her mercilessly. Then I placed her buttocks on the armrest of the next couch and fingered her. I nuzzled against her, my lips on her neck, nibbling and kissing my way up to her earlobe, where she was a little ticklish. “Ooh,” she whispered. “Ooh! Oh, oh, oh,” she sighed, as I worked my fingers against the pussy lips . . . and then she forgot to moan, forgot about all of the world, and lost herself inside her own pleasure. I watched her squeeze her eyes shut as she clamped her thighs against my wrist and snapped her hips up, once, twice, three times before she froze, all the muscles in her thighs and belly and bottom tense and quivering, and I felt her contract against my fingers.

But the best moment was when I bent her over – ass in the air and her palms firmly placed on the armrest. I brought my dick and rubbed it across her ass, just for the fun of it. I did that for a few seconds, just to make her desperate. As she waited and got frustrated, I suddenly pushed it in, the whole of it. She screamed.
It was phenomenal how my manhood rubbed against that taut bundle of nerves in her cunt- hard and fast. It drew the blistering sensation to a peak. All she could do was writhe. And feel. In the candlelit room, my dark, cocoa skin against her gilded flesh heightened our contrasts, yet also showed how well we complemented each other. The candle’s light diminished but was still bright enough to show her body’s potent reaction to my astonishingly sexy domination. I enjoyed touching her nipples from behind. They were a lot perkier than those of other women. The softness of her ass was something else altogether.
“So swee she yelled.”Harder baby…harder.” A few more minutes and we both came.
I continued hitting cheap pussy for a while then eventually I moved houses and blocked her number didn’t want too much attachment .She had started asking for school fees which is not my responsibility .

Single mathas with or without money ata awe msupu aje… are the lowest hanging fruits in the dating pool… Kukula singo matha sio kitu mwanaume ako na confidence kidogo tu anafaa kujichocha nayo



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Lete summary. Sina time ya kusoma hii takataka yote

You want free things? Wewe ni umbwa nini?

mike alinunulia watoto sweets akatomba mamayao alafu akasonga

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Hakuna haha ya kusoma it’s fiction