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The daughter of a vocal former aspirant for Nairobi Governor’s seat has been working as an escort in Canada, we can exclusively reveal.

Atieno Miguna, daughter of political hopeful, Miguna Miguna, has been posting revealing photos of herself in adult websites where she only invites ‘white gentlemen.’

Since last October, the 22-year-old has been operating under the name, ‘Tiana’ in one of the member’s only websites our writer subscribed to and where she has posted six of her photos.

Atieno Miguna was born to Miguna Miguna and his first wife, Tracey Wynter, a Canadian based Caribbean woman he met while studying in Canada as he writes in his 2012 book, Peeling Back the Mask: Quest for Justice in Kenya. Miguna Miguna separated from Wynter after three years and two children in 1998.


To access her contact details, one must be a registered member of the website where Atieno Miguna used her Gmail address as her contact email. She used the same email address to open her Facebook account in 2013 when she joined York University as a 17-year-old. She also used the same email address to open her Pinterest account.

In some pictures on the adult sites, she licks her full lips while in others, her slender frame is unclothed. Atieno Miguna joined the adult website on October 29, 2016, and she is labeled as a professional based in Toronto, the capital of Ontario Province in Canada.

Her invites read:
“Hi I’m Tiana every man’s ebony dream. Do you want to play?
Come join me for naughty sensual fun. Let me help you unwind and relax… text 416-473-**** pls no blocked numbers Tiana.”

In another classified website, Atieno Miguna has listed her services in the ‘woman looking for men’ category.

On the website, Backpage.ca, under the Toronto adult entertainment section, Atieno writes: “Hey looking for some naughty nasty fun. I’m slim and sexy looking for a playmate” and she insists “No black gents please and I’m in Toronto rn!! 416 473 ****text me.”

The poster’s age is listed as 20 and she is located at Brampton, City of Toronto, Mississauga, Toronto, York Region.

She has several inviting photos while in another she has her mouth slightly open, her body on a dark blue bedsheet. She has two piercings in her nose, her tongue and several in her ears.

In another site, kingdom99.com, Atieno Miguna still under ‘Tiana’ describes herself as ‘5’9”, 150lbs, slender, 20-year-old black female entertainer with shoulder-length, black hair and brown eyes. She is available in Toronto’ and the description is accompanied by her nude pictures under which she notes “My skills will increase your appetite for me.”

On yet another website, myscarletbook.com, and still, under ‘Tiana’ she has her erotic pictures with the teaser she’s “every man’s ebony bombshell dream. Come visit me in Toronto.”

In another classified website, on November 8, 2016, she describes herself as ‘busty and slim, curves in all the right places text me 416-473-**** Tiana.’

Web ranking site, Alexa.com, reveals that the particular site had over 630,000 visitors in April, the figure dropped to 580,000 and at mid-month it fell to 530,000 and slightly rose in May to 560, 000.

The website is hosted by godaddy.com, who pride themselves as the world’s number one domain registrar.

The photos in these adult sites are a contrast to her social media page, Pinterest, where she only has photos of herself sewing clothes, and work out plans for her body.

It gets more interesting as on www.sp411.cc, a website that perverted gentlemen use to rate the services and skills offered.

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