MigunaMikono News Channel Update: International News: Cruise Control and Speeding Cameras Ruled Illegal

The budding MigunaMikono News Channel has gone international following increased publicity, following the much publicized debacle between MiguuNaMikono and MatyaAngi… MigunaMikono can be briefly seen at 0:09 in a timeless throwback to his days as a UON Student leader in 1987, the day he single handedly hurled at Anniversary Towers a huge boulder the size of a fully loaded Probox , and of course MatyaAngi is to be heard engaged in a rant 1:24 to about 2:05 with the punch line at 1:54, as he challenges MiguuNaMikono, insisting he is not afraid of MiguuNaMikono, the proven geostrategic combat strategist and veteran…

Miguu Na Mikono International News Room:

Cruise Control banned as a paid option when selling automobiles on the grounds of fraudulence: Apparently Engineers have failed to document a single 30 second time frame where average traffic speeds overall failed to rise or drop more than 50KPH.

Traffic SpeedCameras Outlawed as a waste of money due to excessive hits: A private company is working on a project to install on each automobile a msemakweli gadget like a black box relaying each car’s speedometer reading to a central database every 10 seconds during driving, and it is apparently driven by primitive windows command prompt batch files and windows 10 Home Task Scheduler.