Miguna, Who The Fvck Is Miguna?

Njiraini further noted that Magaya was one of the Presidential Campaign Agents at Bomas of Kenya and that “we wonder where Miguna was all that time.”

“Miguna was a gubernatorial candidate in Nairobi County but he has never petitioned the results against the now failing Sonko leadership. We believe he must have been paid by Jubilee to not file a petition.”

Noting that Magaya is only answerable to the summit and the People’s President, Njiraini also said the lawyer should “stop dreaming that the CEO needs his permission to speak to Nasa supporters locally or in the Diaspora”.

“When NRM was formed, Miguna was nowhere to be found, only to reappear weeks later claiming to be the Major General of NRM, which basically means he is now answerable to Magaya.”

Miguna claimed the Chief Executive Officer and strategist were being used by the ruling party to scuttle the Opposition, a matter that is likely to escalate intrigues around Raila’s oath.

Miguna is the Jubilee mole, not 'our Magaya', Western leaders say

Lakini, Njiraini??

First, there were dog-fights.

Then there were bull-fights.

And later, cat-fights.

Now, there are mole-fights.

Timbim! Tiarara!!!

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