Miguna VS Sonko ........shot's fired !

Love or hate him , miguna is a smart guy , great leader with vision …shida ni ujeuri yake …


Aongeze sahani kwa cabinets kwanza

We await Shokosh’s response

Sasa ju hawa ni majirani pale runda,m² akirudi watakuwa wanarushiana maneno Kwa estate meeting

Ati miguna bomaye!!! Hio vote yangu iko toronto

Miguna has zero people skills. Politics is a people business.


Miguna is a mentally unstable person who should be taking meds. Am surprised some people still take him seriously

:D:Dwivu ni ya nini sasa? kama hauna pesa wacha kuuliza wengine wametoa wapi…ata njenga karume alikua anauza makaa or so I heard.

I am one of those who was taken in by Sonko. I believed the guy was genuinely helping but listening to Miguna, as much as I think ana kasoro, he does have a point. I dont agree with his education nonsense, anyone can make it by sheer hard work , discipline and discipline.Lakini the wealth Sonko floats is questionable.

Education is not the only thing he questioned regarding Sonko’s wealth, he asked if Sonko invented anything worthy of his wealth or if he is an industrialist or whether he’s done anything that justifies his wealth.

Migunayeeeh that’s mah boy finish that filthy chokosh.

Where Sonko is flamboyant and rather brash (or even naive), Miguna is crude and unstable. Miguna is a like a rabid dog whose barking might keep off the bad guys at night, but which will still turn around and bite its keeper.

Miguna needs to quietly check into a mental facility in Ontario and get some meds

Yeah, people skills on how to hoodwink the masses and make alliances with the corrupt to get your chance to eat.

He speaks slow motion like Idi Amin Dada the killer of Maumau

Chukua ujumbe and leave the messenger alone.

miguna akipunguza matusi he can go far !

I like Miguna