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Are there people who’ve still not been blocked by Miguna on Twitter.

Nowdays he only hides the offensive tweets against him

The courts decided on the Mwende Mwinzi case that you cannot renounce your country of birth.

Maybe he realised he’ll end up blocking everybody whi follows him.

Hopefully the plane will allow him to board. I hear he is on the no-fly list.


Welcome our revolution leader

The government set the stage for an exiled lawyer, Miguna Miguna’s, much-anticipated return from Canada on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, via Lufthansa Flight LH 590.


On Monday, December 30, Government Spokesperson Rt. Col. Cyrus Oguna argued that Miguna would be granted entry into the country but on strict conditions. According to Oguna, Miguna should adhere to the rule of law and present credible traveling documents upon his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

[li]“All his travel papers must be right and valid. (Then) he will not be denied entry. All his papers must be right and valid as per the travel regulations. We are governed by the rule of law,” Oguna informed Daily Nation.[/li]On December 19, 2019, Miguna affirmed that he had the right to return to Kenya and urged the government to respect court orders granted for his safe return.
"There is absolutely no law that compels a citizen to produce a passport upon entry into his or her country of citizenship, more particularly after agents of the same state demanding the production of the passport are the same individuals who illegally seized, confiscated and destroyed my passport in flagrant disobedience of multiple court orders and egregious violations of my rights.
“Upon my arrival at the JKIA on January 7, 2020, the duty will be upon President Kenyatta’s regime to obey the multiple court orders, especially that of Justice Mwita on December 14, 2018, and unconditionally grant me entry or issue/return my valid Kenyan passport. Viva!,” Miguna declared.
His return is set to spark more drama following his acrimonious deportation in 2018.
After his deportation, Miguna Miguna resorted to social media to air his views about the state of affairs in Kenya taking his criticism a notch higher and sparing no one across the political divide.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna at ODM leader Raila Odinga’s mock swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018.



There will be a stampede at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on January 7, 2020, vocal lawyer Miguna Miguna has predicted.
This will be the day the self-declared ‘General’ is planning to return to the country after he was deported twice in 2018.
After trending for the better part of Monday on the social media, Miguna predicted that multitudes of people will come out to welcome him when he arrives in the New Year.


“The 5-Star Revolutionary General Miguna Miguna is trending at #1 for simply coughing at despot Uhuru Kenyatta today. Imagine the stampede on January 7, 2020, at 9:25 p.m. after his arrival at the JKIA, Nairobi. Patriots: MOBILIZE! ORGANIZE!” he tweeted on Monday.
During the burial of Second liberation hero Charles Rubia, President Uhuru Kenyatta indicated that Miguna will be allowed unrestricted re-entry to the country in the spirit of cultivating freedom of expression.
“I hear there are even some who want to board an aeroplane to come back and speak…We have no problem with that because that is their freedom. (Hata naskia kuna wengine wanataka kupanda ndege wakuje kuongea…na hatuna shida nayo kwa sababu hiyo ni hako yao),” the Uhuru said.
In a rejoinder, the fiery lawyer said he was not returning courtesy of the President but because a court ruling which ordered the State to facilitate his return.
“Court Orders are not suggestions. They are ORDERS. Return/issue my valid Kenyan passport, which you took from me illegally and the Courts have ordered you to return unconditionally. The Courts also Ordered you to FACILITATE my return and ENTRY into Kenya UNCONDITIONALLY,” Miguna tweeted.
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The General Boarding To Kenya…


Leteni popcorn… the ndrama and findeo is about to start

Since you got that popcorn… :D:D:D:D

Akama Nyang opines on Migush…

You call for a revolution on Facebook…focusing, organizing and mobilizing on tweeter…then you expect miracles by calling Raila names… Raila did not make noise when he confronted the dictatorial KANU regime. He did not invite anybody into his war with KANU. He did not go on TV calling everybody names. He took on KANU and suffered the consequences without blaming anybody for it. -When your ‘hero’ is making noise from the comfort of the developed countries and the warmth of his wife, you are invited to know that baba went through horrid, horrifying and terrible experiences some of which Miguna can only read in books.


Raila was tortured for years, stood in cells full of water for weeks, hair shaved with blunt metals, almost lost his left eyesight, lost his dear mother while in prison and never had an opportunity to bury her, wife lost her teaching job and family and children harassed day and night…until no Kenyan wanted to associate with them. All this time Miguna was hiding in Canada.
Only kids born after the NARC regime and pure idiots can afford to joke with Raila’s name. What is it that Miguna has suffered that makes him a Messiah?? The guy was only sent to his wife and children in Canada. What is so comforting than the company of your wife and children?? He was only remanded for less than 7 accumulated days and slept on a mattress in a toilet for only 2days. Even right now he is sleeping in high-end hotels in Germany. If that is all one needs to be a kingpin…or president, then prepare red carpets for Koigi wa Wamweres, Bob Oyugi and Mutaha Kangus of this world. Being abusive and throwing big words around does not make one a General. By the way, a wise, tactical General knows when to advance and when to retreat.
Raila is only a human being like all of us and may have not achieved everything you rightfully and wrongly thought he would…but Miguna has not even walked 10% of his journey. He hid in Canada when Kenya was choking in filth, dirt and total darkness which Raila had revolutionized Kenyans out of.
Raila Odinga left jail after 9yrs with no single hair while Miguna left his 2-day toilet captivity with hair and cap intact. Tuwache ujinga saa zingine.


Miguna’s conviction is something else

I pity the Guy seated next to him, he ate 50% food, 50% Saliva.
Miguna vied for Nairobi governorship and got about 10,000 Votes without a party, I don’t understand how he managed to join Nasa, become a general and swear Raila a man he had criticized for years. Miguna wants to set a political agenda for himself by force. This will be very very difficult for him.

He left after dinner with friends in Germany…



if you can’t beat them join them my friend and make your life easy coz life itself is short…
The Self proclaimed NRM General and the Proprietor of Kipau Media Miguna Miguna has thrown in the towel, the General has bowed out of the ring and flew back to Canada. Can you tell the General something?

Don’t celebrate injustice, my friends

Mangele what do you think he should do to be removed from the no fly list and BTW how he did he board from Canada if he is on that list? this does not look good on Uhuru’s gava.