Miguna Promises Mother of All Liberation Wars


Niko airborne naenda huko



@6:12, asked what he thinks about Raila telling his followers to ignore Miguna:

Listen! You ignore Miguna at your own peril. Rayila Odinga knows that. … Uh, it is easier said than done. The youth in Nairobi, the youth in Kenya, are not going to ignore me. They listen to me, and they’re not going to listen to anybody saying “Ignore the person, the only person that validated Odinga’s victory, … the only person that protected Rayila Odinga from being relegated to the dustbin of history…”

What a distorted sense of self.

The interviewer forgot to remind Miguna that his gubernatorial bid exposed a man totally out of touch with the electorate. After both running mates deserted him, he ended up getting 10,000 votes, a mere 0.7%. That was less than many Nairobi MCAs from Nyanza got.

Canadian high commissioner should be summoned to explain why their citizen is threatening the leadership of a common wealth country.

It looks and reads like a NASA/Jubilee tiff without the public being involved. Here our politicians look to prolong issues not finish them. Hata siku za Moi imekua hivyo. Politicians are getting too much from this, sifa,pesa etc and would not want it to end. Carrot and stick manenos.

Paper tigers, when he was in prison for 5 days, he was shaking like a leave in a storm and claiming all manner of illness from allergies, chronic asthma etc.

Is this his account ama ni parody?? :eek:

Shots fired again.

From the video, Miguna is delusional.

After your comment, I decided to watch the clip. Your statement and the truth are walking hand in hand going to get a cup of coffee. They’re good friends.

Every time Miguna opens his mouth he loses friends

Every time Miguna opens his mouth he loses friends

This must be very confusing for Nasa supporters :D:D:D
When your president and his general are openly contradicting one another, what is the way forward?

from News niliona:

  1. Boinnet and Kinoti argue that they were not heard before the High Court cited them for contempt of court, hence their right to a fair trial was breached.
    “The conduct of the proceedings was in breach of the constitution and the provisions of the Contempt of Court Act,” Boinnet and Kinoti say in their affidavits.
    The two say by virtue of being state officers, they stand a risk of being removed from office unless the High Court decision is suspended.

  2. Today- The government has finally surrendered to the court Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s passport as directed by High Court judge Luka Kimaru.

so nani wanakunja mkia finally?

before I forget these two cases lawyers are involved, who is paying the legal fees since Ngatia doesnt come cheap?

I have now come to the considered opinion that this man Miguna is mad. He is a borderline psychopath who thinks he’s very very important.

Sad, really.

But the passport remains to be perforated. So, it is a dummy.

He has always acted in a delusional manner!

Boinnet is a real waste of Kale blood. Kaa ngumu! Si ulisummoniwa ukakataa kuenda? Sasa unaomba msamaha?? Go hard or go home. If your going to be defiant, be so. And be so to the end.
Then again, I am happy they’re submitting to the courts. That way we create an orderly system. It is only through order that prosperity is achieved.

He overrates himself.