Miguna Miguna

And why do you think he was offered a job? Because he was “just another diasporan making noise, like you?”

That kind of ignorance is unsettling.

Not everyone who gets a job is more qualified than those who don’t… and, At least I would have appreciated the help:

Gratitude Is Much More Than Flattery…
“He who belittles a gift is a thief”!

Kenyans are fighting the wrong people. And not only that, they loudly cheer along as the very laws that are meant to safeguard and protect their rights are trashed and shredded by their captors. Today they mock and laugh at Miguna, tomorrow or the day after its their turn.

What you just said is true and I agree. But you must also accept you have to learn how to survive in our jungle.

That’s why I said this above:

All smart people always try to figure out and find a way out of life issues and problems.
The idiot is stuck in his jungle and can’t find his way out

How would you ‘smartly’ handle this? If you are going to change things in a matter such as this you don’t try to do it in a crooked manner, which sounds like that’s what you are suggesting. That would only play into the hands of the thugs at the OP, reversing all the gains he has made by winning the court cases and obtaining court orders, and as a result further complicate his case. The ‘smartness’ most people talk about, is exactly what has brought Kenya to the unenviable position it currenlty is in.

A ‘smart’ 27 year old ‘billionaire’ overnight can sit in front of members of parliament and without batting an eyelid mock them, with no consequences whatsoever!

You can’t fight in a boxing match if you are not able to balance on the canvas.

Miguna has to straighten his paperwork somehow. How he does it is his problem—finding his way out of his jungle.

Miguna hukaa hu make enemies na watu wengi hata msee wa boda na kibandaste kwao nje.

True.very true.You cant be innocent among the hyenas politically in the same arena. Btw nothing wrong but your approach.

That is where you miss the point. There is nothing wrong with his papers. Nothing needs to be ‘straightened’. And the courts definitively ruled so.

Very funny… :D:D:D So, why are we wasting time here discussing Miguna? :D:D:D

Again and I repeat politics is a nasty game.
Apparently approaching has to be consistently relied upon. Nothing wrong about it.
Ask any thurg from kamiti they we will tell you the same.

Ni siasa that simple. People in siasa dont like noise


Hehe…you don’t see the bigger picture here. Lakini ni sawa.

This is beyond mere politics my friend. How many cases have you heard of where a natural born citizen is stripped of his citizenship and drugged before being forcefully removed from his dwelling place and unlawfully deported. How many cases in functional countries? How about the blatant disobedience of court ORDERS?

This is a most egregious violation of fundamental rights and freedoms and a very serious affront on the constitution. It is a serious matter that all right-thinking Kenyans should be concerned about and resist using whatever means.

He should be allowed to come home. There are worse politicians making noise and plotting evil from the comfort of their sofas in .ke. A slight technicality in his immigration situation should not be used against the man. It is akin to a child knowing where a parent lives and cannot see him/her because the law prohibits it. Laws are made and bent by men. Period.
Abuse of his human rights by the Kenyan Gava and they know it!!! Mangele you should really not be supporting this argument. Ebu tell us nini anakuja kufanya to put a country on standstill? what?

I have no quarrel with Miguna returning home. I really don’t think he wants to return anyway.
Returning home would end his noisemaking which seems to be his main agenda IMHO…
The dude is not really doing what he needs to do if he wants to go back home. Insulting the Big Three is not going to help him if he returns.
That is the jungle he needs to navigate how to exit if he really values his life.

Miguna screwed himselfu politically when he didnt understand that Tinga “owns” him. People like Orengo tried to go against Tinga but failed. Orengo is now one of Tingas main strategists. He understands his position. 1Jiggy left Jubilee and is now “owned” by Tinga. He understands his place.

Here he is saying his support for Baba is unwavering:


Miguna, it seems, doesnt have such sense. Instead of him holding a press conference 1Jiggy style at his Runda home, here he is:


Wewe ni mwenda wazimu pounding the streets in Texas.:D:D:D:D:D:DHii mbisha!! back to serious business Miguna tried to come and was deported straight back…right? Let us not be economical with the truth because Baba is more harmful and dangerous than Miguna. And of course more powerful.

The court ruled people born in Kenya should have their citizenship reinstated after the 2010 constitution