Miguna Miguna

Hapo kuna kaukweli wadaus.

Most of the theories offered by this people and even some of ktalk sounds like stuff we used to do when kids.

Generaliii hana huruma


How to stay politically relevant in 254.
Target one of the following with anything that casts aspersions on their character…

  1. PORK, UK,
  2. DP, Ruto,
  3. ODM Leader, Raila

Address the message. Why are the other cows not in quarantine.

:smiley: Miguna is mad

Former govana can answer that

Raira sio mgonjwa, anaplay cards fulani akiwa amejificha sipitari. Ni kama Ouru alimtema so amekula mix

Mig Mig should be allowed back home. I don’t see the damage he can unleash on the Gava that they cannot handle. Jakuon is more dangerous but he was tamed.

Miguna atulize makende T.dot pole pole bila kusumbua. He should try running for mayor huko Toronto wamalize yeye kabisa.

Miguna and willy matunda were in the same school together.
The difference is one has retired with hefty pension and niceties from the government.

And why are you not in quarantine?

Miguna is not as smart as he may try to let us think.
All smart people always try to figure out and find a way out of life issues and problems.
The idiot is stuck in his jungle and can’t find his way out. Useless kabisa!

Oh dearie me. What shall I say about Jakuon? you best duck for cover.:smiley:


A passport na kipande is a government property all over the world.
How miguna miguna got the government property is the issue.( Dont forget kajwang mapambo was the immigration minister during coalition government)
He is Canadian citizen not born citizen like his kids.Where miguna was born has never been the issue.
Miguna has never held a full time job.
Miguna as a lawyer or barrister,
the only case he has ever won is a rental tribunal court case.
He is an author of three books that sells thru Amazon.com.
He does research for kmm lawyers in Toronto.

Most important fact:

Without Baba offering him a job in ODM he would just have been another diasporan making noise @K_Talk like you, me, and @Finest wine

Gratitude Is Much More Than Flattery…
“He who belittles a gift is a thief”!

:D:D:D:D:D mbona anaita elected leaders ngombe? i thought ngombe ziko ktalk tu kama @Electronics4u

Dude…our politics is made up of comedians. He wants to come back home…why stop him? to come and join the rest…

Huge difference. He wants to come home and make noise there. I want to make ONLINE noise from BoJostan. Besides when he supported Jakuon all was well ‘sic’. Jakuon got some billions and forgot everyone else. Jakuon needs Migs right now. Who does Jakuon ever think about???ever? educate me son of Atieno…;):wink: