Miguna Miguna

What’s really wrong with the dude? Like he can’t travel without attracting attention and making noise. Mimi I think he is just attention hungry. He has no physical supporters. Just keyboard warriors. I think of him as a spent cartridge. He has nothing more to offer other than a loud mouth.

Asipomake kelele atakula ajie, hapo ndio pesa yake inakujia

Oya, @Session Clerk, ile yunivesiti yenu ilianza kulipa wafanya kazi?



He’s a shameless mad woman

Yes. There was bad leadership.

He said very clearly that, he don’t want to die foolishly like khashoggi. So lazima mjue ako embassy gani, ndge gani, nchi gani.

Nlijua uyo msee ni mjinga when he denounced his kenyan citizenship for the canadian one. Who does that

Who wants to kill him? What is the benefit of killing him? Hana pesa wala cheo. Even if he knows secrets si ati ni siri zile kali.

Very true. I pity his wife and kids.

Am also wondering like you.

The mere fact that you had to open a thread a day after the fact despite the presence of three other threads you could contribute to proves that you are vacuous and Miguna is a force to reckon with.

Hes just got bi-polar disorder

@Purple @Patco ‘enlightened tukunias’

Wewe hama Githurai progressive kwanza before addressing folks with a combined net worth that can purchase your whole village and everything in it.

And which folks might those be, it definitely isn’t you Patricia and your lasagna and cheetos shit contaminated fingers.
Can’t knock a Hustle though, shit money is still money

Ati githurai “progressive?” :smiley: Never heard of such a place. Who comes up with these hilarious names?! :D:D

The Jubilee govt should have realized that Miguna just wants attention, and the first thing they should have done is to starve him of attention.
remove those Alerts to airlines, get his passport ready and issue it to him…

The day he also comes to the airport avoid any confrontation , coz that is what he wants.

he will be popular in a few weeks in the media, then Kenyans will move on to something else… Miguna has a problem, he has delusions of grandeur,intolerant and cannot work with anyone unless you totally submit to his thoughts and instructions…then add his loud mouth… so politically he is of no consequence, those close to him will abandon him as soon as they know what a character he is…

In fact Miguna being in your team is a disadvantage , the way am seeing Tanga Tanga empty heads celebrating him coz of the way he attacks Raila and Uhuru while tactically skipping Ruto, they will be foolish to offer him any chance or position in there…

Continue singing hosanna to your despotic njee meta meta, zombie!

“Luo nation” has spoken…:smiley: