Miguna miguna

On JKL citizen 'n breathing fire

When i was in ojiko secondary school…you may not know it because you were rich

If there’s a call-in feature (or Tweet in?), ask him why he sold all the stuff in his kitchen, why he cannot paint the walls before inviting TV crews, and when he’s going to campaign on the dusty street. Mwishowe, ask him whether he has a campaign team, secretariat, budget, strategy, insurance, etc.

Yaani PK went to graduated university in 2010??? Seriously??? Waah! Miguna may have a point here!

Miguna is wasting huge chunks of time and energy ‘deconstructing’ Peter Kenneth, as if he does not realize yet that his opponent will be Mike Sonko, a man who does not give a heck about grades, degrees and alma maters.

Jeff Koinange, for his part, has become a hollow shadow of the stellar journalist he once was, milking fools like Miguna for all they are worth, goading, prodding, feigning disbelief … Phil Donahue would be proud!!

is the clown worth five minutes of my time? i think not. abandoning thread…

This fellow and a dik dik have two similiraties i.e they have the same name twice and jumping all over .
We need to check with KWS regarding the roaming miguna they need to have him in the park far fron the city.

This guy is a knut ati the headquarters of jiggers is in gatanga hehe

PK is jiggered mind…waah

Ati kidero ni dean of looters

Guys, are we going to revel in the insults of a big oaf who never grew beyond the primary school field?

If Koinange were 1/2 the journalist he used to be, he’d have immediately told Miguna that the jiggers have enjoyed as much social mobility as the people, and Siaya has an epidemic to rival the best of Gatanga:


I like how Miguna bursts his opponents with hard facts.

Niko miguu na miguu nikielekea home.

Jeff, from an elite journalist to fighting for scraps with akina jalango in the media… Si yuko hot 96 morning radio… Soon atenda kutafuta bonoko for a radio slot…

Jeff yuko tu sawa, sielewi why you have a problem with him.

Bonoko ako juu kuliko your average radio presenter.

@gashwin why is he not worth your time ? explain sir

did you miss the last part of my reply?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

anyway, to answer your question- when you present yourself as better than everyone else and as a result you only have arrogant, derogatory, dismissive criticism of others then it exposes a serious flaw in yourself - the lack of people skills that require that one appreciates that other humans are, well, human…

Commercial Break, Miguna alijaribu kuchagua bibi:D:D:D:D

That’s your own ignorance