Miguna Miguna Was In Oyugis Last Weekend?...


Chased Like a Burukenge again… :D:D:D


Siasa za ujaluoni…?
Sinanga comments.
I just sit back and just watch the space.
Isn’t it profound how today they defend and serenade one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta like an equal to Jesus Christ, and when I remember how they used to hate him mpaka wakamuita macho nyanya na dereva mlevi???!!! Those people are the easiest to please or irk.

That’s Kenya politics, my fren…Si, GEMA was until last year calling Hunye their prince yet today he’s takataka?.. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

That’s also true, Bro!

So why was your tingod hasora taken to the hague? Wanajenga kiambaaa lini?

I think the day Raila dies, Njaruos watalia sana. His burial will be very chaotic and painful to many Njaruos. The pain will feel like delayed or denied orgasm for them because Raila never became president. Never producing president has made Njaruos militant intolerant.

God forbid, but iyo day Ile visanga tutaona Wacha tu. Infact after that luos won’t have anything to lose again concerning politics. Watawacha Kenya ichikue mkondo inataka . & Yes of course people watakuwa tu waki complain on twitter coz they don’t have balls to go to the streets without njaruos

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