Miguna Miguna joins JSKS

Despot who??


Virtual revolucion cows shall and will not toboa.

In that clip, I agree with miguna. I studied Ruto up close since 2007 and realised how dangerous JSKS will be if this guy can become president.(@God forbid)
For example look at yesterday’s event: He hijacked his event and called everyone to address so that they can continue heaping praises to him, and he didn’t care about the hungry delegates who were there since 6 in the morning. Some were going back to their counties imagine.
He doesn’t trust anyone to run his show. You could see him gesturing angrily at Itumbi @spear coz the dais was not on the podium as he went to address.
We don’t need micromanagers in this country. History tells us the micromanager turns out to be a dictator and sticks to power illegally.
…and many more.

And many more indeed.

Add genelo mwitu and his revolucion cows on the list.

Fuckk lootall ,fuck @sani and whore circledot

You are led by a spineless eunuch, you have no space at the table of Men. Ata Ngilu, yule mwanamke mchawi, hana heshima kwa huyo kiongozi wenu mwenye anaishi kwa shamba ya NYS

JSKS willo nefa be presdent.

utahamia canada ama wapi?

Nitakaa tu humu humu

I guess that what happens when you pay everybody to support and sing praises to you

Msee si ukue na msimamo

Msimamo ni kalonzo

1.Check kalonzo on youtube stating he would be stupid to support baba ever again

  1. The worst Genelo mwitu went on to swear in people prezi.

Drama tupu.!!

He or she is free to join azimio baridi toronto.
Weather condition word atazowiya.