Miguna Miguna Blocks Boni Khalwale


Remember, during Miguna’s days of intensive domestic tourism prior to deportation, I mentioned Khalwale’s Twitter and telephone efforts to jolt the Canadians awake.

Boni was the first to invoke Miguna:s rights as a CANADIAN citizen!!

It is possible that those efforts might have set off a chain of events that culminated in Miguna’s ‘repatriation’.

Miguna does not want to admit that Khalwale ‘saved’ his life, so he lashes out at him.

Miguna Miguna is the next Luo kingpin, so they say. Boni Khalwale better go back to his medical practice.

At this rate, we will soon start getting updates on Miguna’s bathroom visits!

You have a point. Is that the reason why Baba is not coming out with gun blazing to oppose his deportation?

When is the last time Baba came out guns blazing for anyone other than himself ?

Jamaa wa subreme gourt amemaliza na sweep, generali ajilete kenya

One aspect you don’t understand is that baba does not share, period. Kingpin or otherwise. uliza namwamba or even that same miguna what happens when you show ambitions.