Miguna Miguna beats 180 degrees turn.

Enyewe RAO amewacha watu kwa mataa, I can’t believe it.


@GeorginaMakena una sumbua… Accept and move on

I was gonna watch it but video duration of 14mins… listening to Miguna… discouraged me. Half and hour is 2 hours in YouTube time.

The ramblings of a mad man who suddenly realizes that he is walking around naked

Leaders are known in time of decision, heroes are known in time of war…miguna should soldier on

Amesema nini?

Write your reply…I feel Dr Miguna should form his own party/movement to propagate his agenda without necessarily being a turncoat for anyone. There’s a message he has and it can only be heard through his voice not anyone else who can be bought off.

He has taken his fight to Kenyas ruling elites. Anaseme since independence, there are families that have held Kenyan hostages.
No kind words for Jakom move either.

Write your reply…Badala ya kuongea mingi angesema tu, “Please give me back my passport. As you can see my law firm is very empty and I’m quite broke. Please let me go back to my tv shows.”

Write your reply…But if he is genuine in his words he could very well lead in insurrection against these theiving elites.
It’s absolutely necessary.

I mean this country is complete utter bullshit. How can a newspaper write an article about a well known thief: Samuel Gichuru including evidence of how he stole billions of shillings and the fucker walks around absolutely Scott free like a hero on the street.

Officer @pamba surely kwani kazi yenu ni nini? Kidero pia ameiba 20 billion yaani you guys are just watchmen for the elites you can’t arrest these shitheads? Are you guys so totally whipped and toothless?!

Hamwezi shika hawa wakora but you’ll gladly pump a hundred bullets kwa kichwa ya mwizi wa simu. You have failed us as a police force.

Na ile upande ingine Mangiti na githinji na hairdresser wameachiliwa kesi ya NYS. Na ringleader ni governor. This country is a joke.

This guy never learns…kwani anakuaga Ngombe aje

Ofcourse you are the sane one when the truth makes you think someone is mad. Thats how insane YOU are. Delusional. The truth to you is madness sigh!

Your hero, Okemwa from Minnesota is mentally disturbed, perhaps they forgot to teach you when you were once sane, that birds of a feather flock together. Generali is a case of a self absorbed narcissistic schizophrenic. You wouldn’t know that however.

The man is not mad by the way he is saying a lot of uncomfortable truths. We are the one’s who are mad as citizens.

Take jimi wanjigi for instance, once raila get’s back in good graces proper this wanjigi fellow will just jump back onto the gravy train. Good times a rollin’ again. A person who was profiled recently in the papers as a very smart thief sasa amekuwa a hero in Kenyan society.

Miguna alisema akina ndii were paid 30 million, the man appears to be right. You mentioned Singapore in the other thread. To get to where Singapore is you have to have a crazy mad man like Prime minister Yew who called corruption what it is: corruption!

Miguna has the idea, the blueprint, the concept but selling it to Kenyans ni kibarua ngumu sana sana sana.

Sanity is the collective insanity. So because you feel someone is insane because their opinion differs from any group of people shows the insanity and small mindedness or closed mindedness in YOU. You are entitled to your opinion. If you want to critique Miguna then point out the insanity in his press statement. Everything he said was absolutely true, for those with an allergy to truth but who lack any reasonable argument to deconstruct what Sammy and Miguna say, dismiss them as insane. But wheres your argument? Can you deny that what the say is the absolute truth ? Ofcourse you can not so the easy way out for intellectual dwarfs and delusional characters is to call those who differ with them insane.Personal attacks are a sign of low IQ address the issues regardless of the people articulating the issues.

Enyewe hapo kwa political elites ni ukweli. Good thing by 2022 two families will be out

Pewa 18 Yr Glen unitumie paybill.
Ongeza- Halafu unakuta some sons and daughters of peasants frothing at the mouth ati Gideon Moi 2022.
some of us need to have our heads checked.

Miguna makes some valid arguments.

He can rant all he wants but without babuon and his militant followers he’s going nowhere.
Any initiative he starts will only end the same way his attempts to sell anti Raila books and his stab at the Nairobi governor ship ended.
In total failure.

Gichuru even Boinet cannot dare touch him without orders from OP. A high time Parliament intervenes, by asking why he is still free?