Miguna in a Kajiado Court

The Kenyan way. That humiliation and intimidation will be a disincentive for would-be ‘generals’ now going to the future. A good thing for public safety and national security.

He should have asked Joho, siku hizi ametulia kama maji kwa mtungi.

Miguna Miguna Charged in Kajiado; Charge sheet produced by Police at Milimani High court shows.[ATTACH=full]155184[/ATTACH]

This is the job of the court. You need to know the purpose of the court is to provide justice. Justice is a sweet sweet sword. It affects even those people deem unworthy.

the policd representing DCI and AG ordered to be detained till the two show up in person

Some orders given by our courts are just outrageous. Even in the US, a person being tried on treason koti haiwezi amuru aachiliwe. Courts should put National interests first. imagine such a guy being wanted on treason escapes the country? simply because koti ilisema aachiliwe?

Pundits (led by the 1000 loud lawyers that follow JaKuon) walisema:


  • if JaKuon withdraws, no elections
  • if some areas fail to vote, nullification
  • if Chebukati follows Akombe, nobody to declare the winner
  • if JaKuon swears in, dialogue must happen


Popularity is just one component he will require networks on the ground and money to run a distinct campaign befitting a man of his boisterous nature, it is a steep slope

Hehe…okwonkwo tunataka citation ya hii statement. Alaf who said miguna was charged with treason? I thought the first step is to charge him in court and ask the courts not to free him with bonds?

Not in Nyanza no. How did Orengo win? >90% of the vote na hakukanyanga huko. Just got the ODM ticket.



In Luo Nyanza, Baba’s dog can become MP/Senator.

That is outrageous. It’s like locking up an Advocate because his/her client does not show up in Court.

:D:D:D, who will detain them? Some orders are out of order.

Police are not advocates

The IG appointed his middle finger to be his liaison officer with the Judiciary

The reason why DPP is avoiding Nairobi police stations and courts: they’re heavily contaminated with NASA/Soros/Wanjigi sympathizers.

The revisiting has began.

DPPs are not policemen.

[ATTACH=full]155195[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]155197[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]155198[/ATTACH]

same constitution denies detention without trial. DPP has said no charge sheet. So where did you get the treason charge? why hasn’t he been charged?

Coz IG is a dog or a snake???