Miguna in a Kajiado Court

Criminal case 174 of 2018. Baba and minions in Milimani.

To be produced in court before 12.niko kwa ground[ATTACH=full]155178[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]155178[/ATTACH]

They should have got the hint after TJ apelekwe Ngong.

Ako wapi huyo Miguna?? Where is he??

hehe. Watu wanagoja akose kuonekana uone speculations bursting out of control!!! Aliuliwa Msando style!

Im sure TV stations zote ziko huku, this is now newsworthy juicy stories zile wanapendanga

Nimekuwa hapa kuona njuguna njuguna simuoni?

What happens now that the IG has defied High Court orders?

Are they speculations when facts is niiga been missing since Friday???

A person charged with treason or with any of such felonies who is in Kenya may, whether or not the offence was committed in Kenya, be taken in custody to any place in Kenya, and may be proceeded against, charged, tried and punished in any place in Kenya, as if the offence had been committed in Kenya, and for all purposes incidental to or consequential on the trial or punishment of the offence the offence shall be deemed to have been committed in Kenya.

Usijali, lets be patient and see kutaenda aje.

Wakikosa kumtoa lazima turushe mawe. Tunamalizwa kisiasa:D:D:D:D

Nothing. We are taking notes. Banana republic loading

As usual we are the losers, just forget it and move on but don’t fail on your part when summoned

Pundits wanasema case can’t go on because the office of DPP is vacant.

Huyo judge ni ng’ombe sana. how dare he order the IG to report to court? These activist judges need to be cut to size.

Huyu hapa…

only the dpp can bring treason charges na saa hii the office is vacant

More drama for Kenyans and misery for the imbecile fake Canadian ‘general’

Miguna akiendelea hivi atakua parliament /senate 2022 huko Nyanza. The Nyanza MPs must be jittery


mi naona hakuna case hapo, they just want to frustrate him mpaka alie kama mtoto. Ataachiliwa na bond then ashikwe outside the court tena. :smiley:

He’s becoming famous :D:D:D:D:D:D. And true, he might unseat some politician in Nyanza because he was persecuted on behalf of Baba