Miguna: I’ve lost over Sh3m in bid to return to Kenya

Political activist and lawyer Miguna Miguna says his spirited fight to return to Kenya has left him with a big hole in the pocket.
Dr Miguna has been trying to return since January 7 but has encountered challenges including a red alert issued by the government, preventing him from flying to Kenya or any other African country.
The lawyer says accommodation, meals, travel and communication in European cities, where he got stuck recently, have set him back over Sh3 million.
In an exclusive email interview with the Nation, he said his trips around Europe, as he looked for an alternative route to land in Nairobi, “drained me financially”.
He cited Berlin, where he got stuck after Lufthansa Airlines refused to let him board a flight, saying life was very expensive in the German capital.

Too little for a person like him.

Sasa huyu anasema life was expensive in Berlin bcoz he didn’t ask Kenyans where to get cheap accommodation. Ukienda kulala 5 star hotels what do u expect na kuna cheaper motels/hostels around. Heck I know many Kenyans who would have hosted him for free but I guess his egoism wouldn’t allow him to ask for help or be helped.

Ujaruo ni gharama manze!

Banaa, I remember one mjaluo was once ejected from his house juu ya kukosa rent. Alienda akaanza kuishi hapo nje ya ploti kama chokora. Mwenye nyumba akamuonea huruma and said anaweza rudi kwa nyumba akae ati akipata pesa amlipe the default rent. Mjaka alikata the offer ati hawezi ishi kwa deni.

Allogant. We lost a lot more thanks to his and mgangas shenanigans

So, I don’t agree with Miguna on everything despite my public support. Infact, there’s an issue which I’d do a debate against him for three days to one week about.

But he has the Integrity to loose his own money for what is right and just for Kenyans. While you elect people who steal billions from you and disenfranchise, you and your offspring, the youth, for decades to come.