Miguna Has Mad Cow Disease

[SIZE=6]Magaya, Ndii working with Jubilee to scuttle NASA, Miguna claims
[SIZE=4]As usual, the comments are far better than the article.

I predict that those lawyers who were representing this oaf pro bono in the hope of some hours in the limelight preening before judge Kimaru will start disappearing one by one. Passport hapewi, especially once JaKuon realizes that this guy has not changed since those two revealing books. [/SIZE]

Regardless of the viewpoint, at least this commenter seems to have put in some work to produce this.

[I] Savai Gukhu2 hours ago
I show solidarity with General Miguna. NRM, is General Miguna’s baby!! But Ndii and Miguna are curved from two different types of Mahogany. NRM needs both. They are fighting the same fight only from two different angles; with different tools. To understand better the differences between the two one must know their academic background. Both are well read.

Miguna Miguna is actually the “precursor” of Ndii. Miguna Miguna is Hegel while Ndii is Karl Marx. But both are living at the same time. A recipe for fireworks!!

As a lawyer, Miguna Miguna is the living example that all Kenyan Lawyers MUST undertake a compulsory undergraduate course in philosophy and metaphysical logic. To most Kenyan Lawyers, Karl Popper and the “The Logic of Scientific Discovery” is from Planet Pluto or Makemake, yet at the fingertips of Miguna Miguna. It is usually fascinating to watch Miguna Miguna arguing with other frustrated panelists on TV–Shows, with the hind-knowledge that Miguna Miguna has a grasp of reality that other panelist have got no clue about. The ability to transfer philosophical knowledge into the sphere and realm of Legal Sciences is the biggest tool Miguna Miguna possesses. With envy, this is one of the assets that make Miguna Miguna one of the best legal minds in Kenya.

Ndii is the scientific Karl Marx of NASA. And not Marx the propagandist. Ndii knows all or most of the philosophy Miguna Miguna has studied. But Ndii approaches the reality from a Political Economy point of view. Thus he has had the possibility of delving into philosophy and metaphysical logic. Ndii is the NASA Karl Marx who adds the “NASA white meat” onto the Hegelian skillet. The difference between Miguna Miguna and Ndii therefore is: 1. Miguna Miguna applies philosophy and metaphysical logic to the discipline of Legal Sciences and 2. Ndii applies philosophy and metaphysical logic to the discipline of Economics.

Kenya, NRM and NASA: We are quite lucky to have Miguna Miguna and David Ndii in our midst.

Also want to see a similar one with a different viewpoint.

Yet they cant assure baba of a political seat

So in summary they both are experts in umama?

Nice Read,…the writer must be a philosopher

I know intellectualism went out of fashion in this forum a long time ago.

You don’t need to confirm it.

Since the government is so powerful why can’t you stop the killings going on in Wajir right now

What notable cases has Miguna ever won in Kenya or Canada? Calling a lawyer who has lost a long string of cases in both countries one of the best legal minds has got to be an inside joke, had the commentator said he is one of the best dreamers, intellectual bullies (when cornered and unable to respond) and master of incongruent logic they would have been on point, however they are doing what their role model does best, dreaming!

He was just flaunting his knowledge of philosophy of politics.

By the way a person accused of sexual abuse is practically an animal. And not once!

Verbiage tupu!


You a not far off, Two issues you a not condensing. News from toronto[Grape-Vine]

  1. Rape issues will never be wept-out anywhere in north america. ( Antidote: The allege rape victim is the sister-in-law of a local vocal Marxism-Leninist).Nairobi lawyer Waikwa is of the view.[CUL DE SAC],

  2. Foreign relation[World-wide]. Kenyan mission in ottawa inquiry on allege Ms JANE Miguna miguna worries,( Lawyer Ngatia ESTABLIST and digs in on canadian mission in nairobi).

  3. Kenya goverment think or persive THE burned NRM a threat to national security.

I think you mean “perceive” & “banned”

@Regis2812 !!

SVP[Please]…>>> Written words=Written words with one’s hand.

Uu upuzi unandikwa hapa huwawezi kuona wakitaja Kisanga cha kithure kindiki.
Obochinga bweka

I have always thought iNdiiot and Wanjagi are on the NIS payroll. There is no way a sane Greek will support a River Lake Nilote in a competition which Greeks and RLNs are on the opposing sides unless he wants the RLNs’ ship to sink to the Mariana Trench. Take this to the bank and take US$1trillion.

S’il vous plaît…hakuna shida. It’s all good :slight_smile: