Miguna has gone mad


Kweli kabisa

The same applies to WSR, but why change the goal posts ? The rented crowds were good for WSR, why are they bad for RAO ?

This is the same NRM General, who has been taking credit for mobilizing a million people at Uhuru park for RAO swearing in ceremony.
@WIGSPLITTA , was that crowd rented ?

I thought there is a place called Engineer in Nyandarua?

Migoons is a lost soul

Yes. Engineer Baba was in Engineer town. Engineer in Engineer. But the mad and ignorant miguna was quick to spew his hate.

Miguna should grow up. Rao simply means that he is in Engineer. Whether he is an engineer or not, it’s non of my business.

Why was baba abruptly airlifted from his rallies to Nairobi? Is he ok?

Bila Raila Miguna hana relevance, clout chasing tu

He is not. Panty pooper loading

Baba hana classmates. Hana colleagues walifunza na yeye university of Nairobi. Hakuna mtu ashai jitokeza akasema alifunzwa na Baba university of Nairobi

He had to get back to nairobi to prepare for todays events. And helicopters fly during the day.




Classmates wa baba wako germany.


Miguna is retarded but so is the guy he’s castigating.
Should have been

“Technician in Engineer”

Miguna is better dead than alive.

Migunya Kigunya is not a politician. In politics one cannot survive with the level of narcissism displayed by the man. Miguna would want to ask himself why of all the people that swore Raila in as “prisident”, only he (Miguna) is in exile
Whether one likes Raila or not, he has shown the capacity to forgive and move on. To make friends out of enemies and not to singularly “hunt” people like Miguna. There is a reason WaGatonye feels more comfortable with RAO than with WSR, and the likes of Kigunya

Miguna ni mkamba mujinga arudi kwao Kitui apeleke ujinga

Migoona thought Rao is talking luo. Something along the lines of an engineer is an engineer.

huyu mujamaa joH