Miguna has a point ..I am serious. What we are doing is the hallmark of African mediocrity. Do you think wazungu sponsor these things rohosafi


Mwarabou ata wazungu huCelebrate wakiwai world cup


Wewe na miguna hamuna tafouti kazi ni kupiga kelele instead of doing the things he talking about… if you are going to call us out atleast set an example.

Its just like celebrating safaricom, on the outside black. Inside white

The Wiseman has a point

He has a point. Sandy of NIKE came up with the 1:59:59 project. He had three runners in his list, Kipchoge made it to the finals. INEOS wanted his brand to conquer the world. He partnerd with Sandy. His brand has gained value by over 10 billion. Safaricom used Kipchoge to grow their mpesa brand.
Lakini miguna amekosea kuingiza kijana yetu hapo.
The effort needed to excel in the sciences and arts is the same needed to achieve in athletics. Hapo miguna ako na wivu.
Zile award tunafaa kuquestion ni zile Uhuru na Pr firm ya Tony Blair huwa anajipatia, Sijui the most upcoming president in africa, sijui the most innovative city in africa, sijui the most…ujinga

Eliud has accomplished more in 1hr 59 minutes than you and your father combined have accomplished since you were born

Bingwa kîhîî

Kipchoge accomplished a lot. He is a great man. But in the true sense it’s somewhat meaningless. It only benefited him and Nike,Ineos. It was not really a world record. The track was not true to a marathon. They picked the trajectory. A flat one. In some places repeating the same route over and over so to keep it almost flat. On top of using pacemakers to shield winds and undercurrents. With no competition. Part of running is strategy. You take off too early, you run out of wind on the second half. Competitors screw each other in distance races. A lot of mind games. You can see this in the 800 m races very well. Pushing n shoving, blocking paths etc. Could other elite athletes have achieved the same fete even 10 years before ? The answer is yes. For one, pick a route and have them run downhill.
But Miguna is wrong. Kenya is achieving a lot in various athletic fields. The rest of the world has one man here and one man there one field at a time. Athletes are entertainers in a true sense like actors. We celebrate actors. Entertainment gives us a break. Not everyone can be a lawyer like him. Everyone has a calling. Ask him to be a mathematician he probably will be shit. Academia is not the only profession in the world.

Miguna ni coomer sana,saa ile kamwalimu padre kanakula award pale dubai hasikiki haonekani.Ukumbaff ya kijiji ndio amejaza

Miguna is too fat that he couldn’t fit into most police cells…ilibidi apelekwe na KWS pale Mt Kenya kwa Hippo.

And not a fat one mind you!

Malcom X warned that should you see a black man receiving accolades from the white man, then immediately suspect him.
History has taught us such ilk seldom have the people’s interest.

Remember the late Mugabe and the honorary degrees

i wonder how many people Miguna blocked for disagreeing with him on this,
this nigger is one insecure idiot with an enlarged sense of self-importance…

All in all university za Thika road ni t_a_h

University za Thika road ni trash takataka upuzi

Show Migs this and ask him what he has to say now…Dude’s a hypocrite thru and thru… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes MM makes outrageous comments for attention. Maybe he’s bored and lonely living in Canada… I don’t think he meant to discredit Kipchoge’s terrific performance. He’s just a lonely puppy for now. Let him rant.

lonely puppy :D:D , the extremely low temperatures can bring loneliness