miguna brings rutos message to luos... hatupendi ujinga


What is it with Bonobos and screams?

bonobos will bonob…

:D:D:D:D I thought he knew that it’s a crime to have a contrary opinion with Jakom

Saitan! Kwenda kabisa.:smiley:

Odingaism is a cult



If you remove Raila out of the equation Miguna becomes irrelevant.

raila is a cult but miguna is a fool

kwani kulikuwa an anus licker convention huku?

another one whose political career has gone - just like that. yake na ya tuju.

Huyu angetoboa siasa ya Kenya kweli? Giving cash handouts, bales of food, donating to harambees and funerals, erecting sheds for bodas, aprons and umbrellas for mama mbogas, sitting in mabati “hotels” drinking sturungi like everyone else…Not Miguna :smiley:

would sakil sabbir or DR otien d’amolo sit in a mabati hotel drinking strungi? I am just wondering.

Nimeskia jina makende

Shakil Shabbir, yes. Otiende Amollo rides on Raila’s coattails so he doesn’t have to engage in those antics.

The Humble and the meek will inherite the the kingdom of God. Hii Dunia haitaki kifua, jifanye fala banaa, and good things will come your way.

Ukafikiria unaitwa?

Bonobos are retarded

Excellent treatment.