Miguna Blocks Kuria

Miguna, now an NRM General on voluntary exile in Canada, decided to hold a Twitter lecture criticizing the AG (a man 100 times more qualified and tested) for his interpretition of our treason laws. That was when it was still chique to announce JaKuon’s swearing in with great bravado.

Moses Kuria jumped in a told Miguna to remember where he’d come from:


In 2012, it is likely that Kuria had helped MM in producing his tell-all first book. When Miguna realized that the exchange was headed in a direction that could expose his former dependency on Kuria and other pro-Jubilee persons, he blocked Kuria.


Typical NRM courage, huh?


Kuria went on to insinuate that he had delivered money to Miguna’s house in Runda.

Seemingly agitated, the former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate defended himself stating that buying one’s book did not amount to financing, after which he blocked the outspoken MP on his Twitter handle.

The revelations appear to confirm similar events narrated in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s unauthorized biography, Hard Tackle.

The author, Irungu Thatiah, writes that the Jubilee team bought numerous copies from Miguna, and used them as part of their propaganda campaign against Odinga


These loud mouth can block you but trust me you will hear all his noise from Canada to your home.

Does the senile old coward have another rabbit up his sleeve?
I don’t think so
If he was cunning i would be worried
Never ever

Miguna is just a bitch ass nigga…

is Orengo sick? Where is he?

He is staying away to avoid treason. The whole mess of boycotting elections was his strategy that backfired when the courts allowed Dida and others to be in the ballot. Had Uhuru been there only person on the ballot many Jubilee supporters would have neglected to vote

miguna is just a useless attack dog barking from a distance

Orengo is a catalyst for chaos and always watches his handiwork quietly from a safe distance, like a pyromaniac.

@Miguna miguna = @Jirani both burning the country from a distance

Hiyo kichwa ya mukuna mukuna na ile kitchen yake wanafanana tu. Fully furnished but empty. I bet a pin would echo in this niggas head.

I once told him that spoilt votes defeated him and they never campaigned,the idiot blocked me too

Hii PUGA inamaanisha nini, I told a former friend that NaSa supporters have no right to deny people willing to vote the freedom to, that we are all Kenyans and should respect each others rights, akaniambia
:D:D:D:D No we were not arguing it was a normal conversation that went south when he told me tutahakikisha hamtapiga Kura and I replied as above

What happened to…
‘if baba says your wife is pregnant?’
Seems he can no longer tell if his own is pregnant.

Hio puga pia nataka kujua

His daughter is said to be a “street walker” in Canada while he is a former rapist suspect who for unknown reasons abandoned the case he was pursuing midstream while attempting to clear his name.

Puga si ni empty calabash

“Who brought the money to your house in Runda” sema swali ngumu

Msimu wa siasa uliisha, let the clowns do what they want

I’m dholuo ama?