miguna amesema "This is Thomas Namwamba of Kenyatta University....."

This is Thomas Namwamba of Kenyatta University. I have heard horror stories of how he has RUINED the lives of innocent students at KU because of his insatiable appetite for SEX. Apparently, he fails female students who refuse to sleep with him. And male students in the same group


Male students in the same group?

Amepaka lipstick?

He looks gày so am not even surprised.

I doubt…huyu amekula madame wa KU since the days of president Moi. I understand that hes a very good philosophy lecturer lakini madame wa KU walikua wanaanguka common unit yake if they don’t comply. Machali nao walikua wanaangushwa tu since they have nothing to offer him


kibe at 0.6-0.11 anasema the truth about Luhyas. Most luhyas have insatiable appetite for sex


Kwani students don’t compare test paper results. If a chick scores 90 and you score 40, yet you have better responses to questions, that’s grounds for a complaint. And if he consistently fails men, a pattern can be established if 70% of the men in class are failing.

@patco wachana na Waluhya once. Stop spending insatiable amounts of time researching about Luhyas.

Tell us more

Inaonekana you never studied in Kenya…Kuitisha Remark unalipa 1k …niambie how many students wanaweza afford hio…na hakuna guarantee utakuwa na better grades after remark ju lecturers are all cut from the same cloth as D minus and those Koinange Street Meat Vendors

Omwami Namwamba wenu amekuwa slave wa kuma since the 90s. Hii maneno iko well documented. And knowing luhyas, they can do anything for poosy regardless of how stupid it is.

What do you do anything for chief ? Usiniambie eti knowledge or degree sababu vile wewe ni shenzi lazima unatomba mashimo hatare ya nyoka

Tunajua saa hii how sambamba got his degree.

Hii statement inamake sense kwa mtu amesoma kweli?

Hata Mimi nmeshangaa nilikua naandika nini

Sometimes you talk like you’ve never lived in Kenya.

He clearly hasn’t…or he’s went to school when there was still sanity in our higher education institutions.

Public schooling is an ongoing scam. A university fails to pay its lecturers who take of with students’ exam scripts. To remedy the situation, everyone is made to pay and resit the exam ama ukose graduation.

Is he related to Ababu?