Migration to XenForo 2

This is to inform you that we are planning on performing an upgrade of the underlying forum software to an up to date version.

Here are some of the features that will be enjoyed once the upgrade is successful.


please feel free to try out the new version on http://www.kenyatalk.net to get a feel of what’s to come.

meffi unasumbua…rudi kwa shimo umetoka


akanyal click,unless ni clit:D:D:D:D

Mcoondu hata ukiupdate to pussyforo dont tell us

Tunaenda kuwa ma new villager tena… We admin wacha mchezo… Unless mnahama na database

Sawa boss.

hiyo kitu inanikalia mbovu kabisa. looks like those failed kenyatalk clones


User Interface is boring

wewe kwanza utakuwa village visitor

Jinga hii…

hehehe ebu sema pole ama niite @Purple akugeuzie

Na kama mtu hataki kuhama ataruhusiwa kubaki hapa?

He he he, you guys can be very mean.

Tulikuambia uweke dislike button lakini inaonekana wewe na ujeuri ni bibi na bwana.

hehehe nyinyi wasee mko na jokes.

in software dev kuna those beta versions which are given to a selection of users to test and get a feel of the new software while giving feedback. The link shared is just a testing ground for us which you can play around and check the new version before we upgrade the main site. so it’s optional to signup, you can check around and if you note a feature missing which exists over here you can tell us.

once satisfied we will inform you about the upgrade, the site will be down for a few minutes to hours then once done you can be able to login and use it agai. probably will be usiku wa manane like we have always done

zitaongezwa pole pole once done upgrading to the new version. the main features have to be stable first before adding new features

Na emoji… Ndio tunataka… Hizi mzee zinaboh

@Deorro your comments above mine are all stupid