Migrating to South Africa

what business opportunities exist in SA? What are the pros and cons of starting one? What employment opportunities? First thing I have notices is that if you’re a musician/dj/producer SA is the place to be.

Ngoja Julius Malema na EFF brigade wanacome

Utajua wee ni xenomorph. You might as well land in a UFO ndani ya Soweto main square

aren’t there other places where it’s safe? I saw a video on youtube recently but I don’t know the city; there was literally little to no black people around. Seemed like a haven to me. I might be naive but I want to believe there are places I would go freely and succeed there.

Inbox mzee @Abba alikua pimp huko for some years




Little or no black people means blacks are not welcome there. Those are boers strongholds famous for their apartheid policy before the 90s. Ukitaka kujipata river limpopo peleka kinyambis huko

but you can’t tell me that the whole of SA is dangerous…

shika domain name ya .za alafu operate your online business from kenya targeting .za people

ghai…which planet do you live in? you must be trolling…the internet has all the information you need on how to survive/hustle in SA coming from another African country.

so I shouldn’t have asked here?

Actually, I take my comment back, not what I meant. Other Africans are running away from SA just like I hear guys are fleeing from Dubai and heading back home.
So don’t mind me.

Been in SA for a decade…don’t go there unless if you are going there as an expatriate. Firstly you will struggle getting a work permit…renewing one is also too hectic…bribery here and there ndio upate. Secondly the work environment is very xenophobic…black south African colleagues will hate you for no reason…and you better get a very high end job to afford you rent in a proper neighbourhood and your kids in proper schools otherwise they will end up in very rough municipal schools…where they will mostly speak zulu/ xhosa.
staying in a good neighbourhood shields you from xenophobia.
Avoid informal jobs…but if you must then join somalis in general merchandise …or Kenyan and Tanzanian drug dealers…they make good money and arw respected in both johannesburg and capetown…just avoid the buruburus or umojas of South Africa… too dangerous for foreigners. Lastly, if in western cape or eastern cape eat those voluptuous xhosa women like there is no tomorrow…don’t spare them…pretty big yellow yellows with very few monetary needs…they just love sex. And in South Africa always greet…don’t ignore anyone…even the prettiest woman will still greet you back…easiest way for them to know you are a foreigner is if you don’t greet and engage in some chit chat…and be ready to watch cricket in sports bars.

Asande sana Elder. Nimekwama hapo kwa " eat those voluptuous xhosa women"

name them

wewe hufanya nini

Urban towns in SA are on heat; large number of youth, unemployed, underemployed . Always looking for the next high in football, xenophobia, crime and such.

In these conditions perhaps you could export Kenya’s crack cocaine; muguka. Assuming that its not there already. A little processed or even raw. Well if the regulations allow.

I believe there is a big opportunity in any thing, not necessary a drug, that would provide some sort of high and escapism to the youth there.

Mikel,been looking into such a move nikocollect information polepole,

Here is what I’ve gathered over the time especially on things that interest me.

In Education,the most exclusive school,Hilton college is cheaper than our local schools huku in the Upper middle class segment.

Land in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek areas u are looking at 3-6M/acre range compared na hapa say Naivasha or Nanyuki which are more expensive.Naivasha kitu 15M for a lakefront property.

In the Bryanston area Land is in the 40-45/acre range,Runda yetu is probablyat 70M by now.Midrand u are looking at 30M ish.Umhlanga and the whole Durban area is alot more pricey but in the 6M range u could get 2 bed apartment right in the middle of the city.

Cars I would say ziko 20-30% cheaper than huku…if u look thru the dealerships landcruiser 76 for 5.5M compared to 9.6M Toyota Kenya.
LX570 starts at 15M while LC200 in the 11M range…hata S500 u could start at 18M. Hizi ma Dmax we are almost at par.

Mortgage is at 7% not to mention the economy is three and a half times bigger than huku with only 10M more people on a bigger landmass.And black excellence kila mahali si kama yurop or America kushinda kuona wazungu kila mahali.
Gaborone,Lesotho and Swaziland are only less than 3 hours away.Capetown to Joburg flights za 6K.

What could surely be the catch…besides the crime in Joburg and having to learn Zulu hata kama ni basics?

Leta maarifa.