In 2020 I spent three months writhing in throbbing pain, no sleep, no letup, no diagnosis even after X-ray ct scan mri petscan. Doctors said I should go home and that is when I knew it was over. I used to take a pair of maramoja or action every 30minutes and it’s not like pain was going, only reducing say from 10 to 7 in a scale of ten. I was not crying because men don’t cry, but one morning I realized I was on the verge of losing my will to live, and I cried, heartily so, infront of all my family and neighbours. Then I leaned back on the sofa, and the pain was suddenly gone. Migraines no joke man. 4 months!!! Now the thing I fear most is reccurence of that shit. Are there any experts here? @PHARMACY

unauliza mkamba mjeenger advice, are you schupit?

Hiyo inaeza kuwa ni clot kwa kichwa

Hakuna clot mri haiezi ona

No. Ni pharmacist huyo jamaa

Uliza Dr rexxkihîî