MIGORI SENATOR Ben Oluoch Okello is dead.

Migori senator Ben Oluoch Okello is dead.R.I.P
Na si kwa ubaya, you know your not well why not pumzika ukae na familia yako…same scenario with the late Nyenze


Bima ya afya ya mbunge yaweza kuwa zaidi ya USD 100,000 kila mwaka. Na fidia familia yake itapewa wakati huu amefariki yaweza kuwa kama USD 250,000. Hii ndio sababu heri ufe ukiwa mbunge

Is that first picture of the late senator?
I believe this is the guy and is former.

Most of these leaders u see are sick. Hio medical cover plus lavish life is what keeps them going. Why do u think most of them die immediately after losing their seats?

Wengi wanameza ARVs BTW.

RIP mheshimiwa.

The Guy had cancer… Come on!

sijawai skia mbunge ametangazwa openly alikufa ukimwi

Cancer isn’t like heart attack or stroke! It mutates in the body for a longer period and it’s likely this guy knew his condition all along, long before the elections. Why offer your candidature while knowing all too well kuwa hutoboi? Isn’t this another form of corruption?

hata wakenya wengine tu… its usually malaria or TB. I don’t sympathise with families lying about the real cause of death

we need to open about these thing in order to tackle it, for example guys like @uwesmake need to come out more so that we can offer support and caution the uninfected ones

yule juja M.P. waititu alikuja citizen tv last year after his cancer treatment in India and he said about 4 senators he knows of have cancer, 10 more M.Ps have it etcetera. but he didn’t name them. Na hawaachi kuiba.

The first picture is James Opiyo Wandayi, Mp for Ugunja constituency. The politician who was banned from parliament for whistling and defying Justin Muturi.



uibe halafu uzipeleke India…

Wamalwa alikufa juu ya ukedi

Wamalwa the late alikufa ukedi

I concur. Even the late Grace Kipchoim and Nyenze were bed ridden during elections and Kenyans voted them in. knowing too well they were unfit to govern. In baringo Kipchoims competitor was persuaded to step down as grace needed the medical cover. Nyenze was sworn in with an oxygen mask. its morally wrong.

Sasa wewe ndio uko in unkillable health?

The guy had throat cancer…this selfish Mps are seeking treatment oustside the country, they are in a better position kuskuma tukuwe na better health care in Kenya, affordable health care. The common mwananchi ni kufanya harambee so that they can go to India for treatment.
Bottom line this Mpigs are failing us

Apumzike tu ,ni njia ya kila mtu

Ghasia wewe kwani ni babako…