Migori County, very slippery bedroom for our dear the 5th!

The County Women rep seat might go to an independent, Fatuma Mohammed. But it is the other regular parliamentary seats that are becoming the worst headache day after day!


Huko hatutaki upussy ya ODM. Penda sana watu wetu. Kurias tulitoka kwa ngeta ya baboon

Wakisii ndio wanaonyesha least love for odm. Perhaps it is only Simba Arati who is shining with a somewhat reassuring brightness, but still…!

Mnakumbuka jamaa akini ita paid blogger for reporting stuff i see day in day out.
I told you guys huku screensaver za smartphone ni hio logo ya uda na ringtone ni speach za ruto…ni ku gwan.

Mara opinion polls are sh!t… mara let’s believe opinion polls. Can’t you guys just pick one struggle?

And by the way, where is Kuria county geographically?

Breath easy omera, relax

@administrator saa ingine unaingilia umeffi kama huu! The village agreed unanimously kwamba no involvement of persons who aren’t members of the village, especially dear mothers and kids, kwenye matusi ya kijinga! This one ought to be banned with immediate effect!

Migori sio wakisii…kisii and nyamira counties are very much with baba

Over grown baby, umeona wapi matusi?

You must be kidding. Every who is who in Kisii is in ODM or Azimio. The only reason UDA even stands a chance is that stupid Azimio are fielding multiple candidates. For example for the governor seat, ODM (Simba Arati), Jubile (Chris Obure) & DAP-K(Sam Ongeri) are standing against one Kenya Kwanza Candidate (Ezekiel Machogu). The UDA vote stays intact, so no splitting. Shida ingine ni Clanism, the UDA candidate & Ongeri come from the biggest clan. So if clanism kicks in they start with a headstart.
It’s a bit more evenly split in Nyamira where Kenya Kwanza has fielded 3 candidates and Azimio 4. But in the end clanism will play out. But Kisiis will vote for Raila, that’s a given.

I have a feeling that Ongeri is dropping out soon

If Ongeri drops out then Machogu has a sizeable headstart.

Which is the biggest clan in Kisii?

Kurias have never voted Raila. Nothing new here. But they are a very small minority.

Washamba ndo watakuwa na screensaver ya jambas na call back tune ati JSKS akisema “mtu wa vitendawili”

Not about tribes. No! It’s about Raila’s numbers in Parliament. He needs adequate seats in the legislature as much as he requires votes to be president. And even if we were to go tribal, Suna West is Luo and it is poised to go independent. How about that?

Not exactly. Opinion polls in Kisii and Nyamira put Ruto at 42%. That’s even higher than Uhuru received. So Nyanza is not really a stronghold for Azimio but a quasi battle ground. UDA supporters are just laying low risking being stoned if they raise their voices. A huge mistake by Azimio to run campaigns like this. Sometimes you want to know the truth to adjust your campaign. Or risk learning the truth at the ballot. Like Raila did in 2014 and 2017 in those areas.

Let’s put opinion polls aside…I have been to both kisii and nyamira counties twice this month alone, I don’t know about you…so which major seat do you believe that UDA has a realistic chance of bagging in those two counties? @LongerTime , ,@Eng’iti and @Mangele can help us answer this question.

Azzimio will take a majority of Senate, MCA and governor seats in that area. Azzimio will also win Presidential. But it won’t be a landslide.

Which majority senate and governor seats are you talking about…I thought we were only talking about kisii and nyamira.