Might be a good year for farmers

Macadamia has already hit the 100 shilling mark and it is still expected to rise
Tea might have been favored by the dollar and the kilos are many because of the rains
Coffee, this week has seen the highest prices of coffee being sold.
Avocado prices are still not yet out but last year I sold my hass for 20 bob a piece this year even at 20 bob I’ll still be good as the trees continue to mature they increase their fruits

The usual ticks(kupe) will still eat but I reckon it’ll be a boom for farmers


To whom did you sell at this price?


@longpole njoo hapa ata mimi ocha iko io hass trees, more than 100

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Ulipanda uzipandilie kama nugu wacha kusumbua elders hapa

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múikama wavha za ovyo buana.
market iko just trying to get the best price aiseeh, angalau nimumunye 3rd generation 1/2 distilled konyagi

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Hass @ 20/- per piece at farm price is quite impressive. Kudos.

Mo farm and Kakuzi. With this number of trees if they are mature, Kakuzi will come for them. Mo farm you take to them


Floricultural farmers are eating with a big spoon. I know a guy who just cashed in $400k from one harvest. Yearly, he averages kitu $1.2M. Huko tu vumbistan. He has a flower farm in Naivasha. Very few people in that sector.

Very true.
I made abormal net profit margin in all agric enterprises I engaged in.

Expecting the same this year.

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If only china man was allowed to continue buying directly from farmers. Macadamia was well over 100/kg etc but local brokers ni akina nani


Don’t know this for sure but I am told in some places they are buying at 100 shillings per kilo unshelled. Following closely

Yes they would come Kwa shamba na canter or pick-up. They no longer doing that tho after cartels kicked them out. naskia they relocated to Zambia and I think UG.

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It was 200 two years ago wakati ya uhuru. So 100 is peanuts.

Also following…