Might and Right

Humans are supposedly evolved , intelligent, rational beings

But sometimes , I really wonder

Great Nations , wielding great power , fortunes , technology and resources want to suck up everything on this Planet …

And even little ones are trying to pull the same stunts …

The current land , resources grabs and attempts to control entire lives and economies of smaller nations really worry me

When already vast nations like Russia and China are roaming the planet , grabbing as much territory and resources as they can lay their hands on , even at the expense of Peace , Tranquility and disenfranchisement of smaller, weaker Nations and populations , one really has to wonder what our World is coming to …

  • endless Wars , Conflicts and instability.
  • gaping disparities between the haves and have nots.
  • endemic poverty and lack of basics for most and opulence , glut and surplus for a few.

There will never be peace on this planet unless these glaring imbalances are equitably addressed

rexUMBWA niaje

Evolution guides all living things towards self preservation and survival for the fittest way of existence. Big nations crippling small nations, women exercising merciless hypergamy and men stashing more than they can spend in one lifetime is the ultimate expression evolution in human beings. Equality and equity will never be a reality. That’s a frail attempt to try and do an overnight flip of millions of years of evolution, which has made us what we are. We are the perfect predator, even able to prey on our own kind.


One would think that when we evolved from being Cave Dwelling , Skin wearing hunter gatherers and into modern Men , our brains , thought processes and wisdom also evolved …

The opposite seems to have happened …
So Sad …:roll_eyes:

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True. The programming in our brains to dominate and reproduce was stored in ROM.:grin: