Mido east experts

Why is Iraq celebrating attack on Iran…
[SIZE=1]Patricia stay away[/SIZE]

American propaganda.

Io sijona…maybe staged …weka clip …mimi na msito kama kawaida tuko nyuma ya persians…
Mongoose rusha odd ya 3 niweke tenga nimumunye mzinga juu ya drumpf kuangusha msito

Nimeona kwa France 24 Na al Jazeera people in Iraq celebrating

I think they are Sunnis and kurds

Sunni VS Shia chieth

Hii ndio hali halisi achana na pro American propaganda.

Leo in kuleta news as it breaks.
Turkey seemingly not very amused by the American action.

Successor already named.

americans are crazy, but I like them, you hit one of their own they hit you back - hakuna kubembeleza, like the russians after turkey downed their plane.

Kenyan education system Ni shida tuu

Someone asked why Iraqis are celebrating

Halafu wewe unapost images za Tehran

Is tehran in Iraq???

I knew what I posted idiot.
The celebrations in Iraq were like 30 people and shot in low resolution or infra red light, I didn’t even bother to post the clip which was what the the OP should have posted meffi ya mbwa koko imekula githeri.

Musito Trump amefanya kitu ya maana, maliza hizo umbwa kabisa

U didn’t know

U don’t know

In this video,there are more than 30

Then post it yourself ghasia don’t accuse me of anything I didn’t kondoo hii.

Nonsense who shoots a video from such an angle unless for propaganda purposes?

Arabs and white men have hurt the black man more than anybody else in the history of mankind. So when they’re slaughtering one another let’s not feel bad. Always put the black man first before reacting.

but the Arab is pure chieth , better the whiteman