Middle Class Floor Plans 5 & 6 Bedrooms. For Watu Wa Used Prados





How is the used Prados relate to the incomplete garbage you have posted?

Mgeni wako ametulia sitting room askie kukata weight kwanza anapita thru kitchen, lays a dirty bomb akitoka loo ile stew unapika acquires a new flavour

Sina diagram ya hiyo floor saa hii :D:D

Looks ugly

Mbwa wewe nilikwambia 4 bedrooms

Hizi plans za americans hazi work hapa mkuu

Zina work sana, the only mods ni hizo big windows and doors are fabricated with Heavy gauge steel coz akina @johntez addi gaza msafi might pay you a visit.

Ndio hizo hapo 4 BDRMS



Flat roof is eye catching though though slippage ya rain water often is an issue

rules za Africa.
Long corridor is a must
master bedroom should not be accessed from living room
dining and living room are one area
kitchen should not be anywhere near the toilet
laundry room is very loud. it should be close to garage
main door opens into living room. story za foyer achia nyanyez wako

Design za ufala. Unatoka lounge unapitia dining ukienda master bedroom. Halafu wageni wanapitia kwa jikoni wakienda kudownload their stinky bombs. Ujinga ulioje?

Nyinyi mnasoma nini bana. The bathroom is next to the bedrooms. There’s small walkway from family room to that bathroom on the 1 storey. On the 2 storey, bathroom is on the ground floor next to family room.

Latest homes are moving away from these colonial designs. Nowadays washers and dryers are very quiet- 10dB. Laundry room can be anywhere. They are using vented toilets so they can be next to kitchen with doors on opposite ends. Big homes can have split dining and living rooms. Dining room is formal for when you have VIP guests. Living room has open kitchen floor plan with a nook area you can eat or Islands with counters that serve as eating areas.

mombasa like most european houses wamekuwa na flat roof for decades na wako tu sawa. treatment is the key. Nairobians mmejua hizi roofs via Pinterest now everyone is worried.

Hizi plans hazina any creativity. Ni corners kila mahali ndio upate gable roof but nothing special in that design.

@Nipe Nikusifu akipitia hapo kwa kitchen akitoka kushoda joti hio chakula itaoza straight