Middle aged man collapses in muranga Corona imefikA


Hii si corona,hii ni kumi kumi.Uoni ame steady?

OMG that coughing!!!

Is it bravado or ignorance to be in that vicinity during this pandemic? Usain Bolt hawezi nishika nikiondokea

Move along. Nothing to see here. Just a normal Okuyu guy passed out due to drinking cheap alcohol.

That sounds like a typical rona cough…

What kind of protective clothing do you guys wear when dealing with such patients?

An N95 mask is the first line of defense…then an eye shield, head covering, gown, gloves.

Oh siet ! That man is coughing like an old datsun trying to start

It’s ignorance, and if it’s corona, huyo ameambukiza mama Pima na wateja wake:oops::oops:

I highly doubt if this is corona related.This guy has blacked out after drinking alcohol.Kwanza amenyonji.How do your even get a hard on with corona.
Sometime in March,when everyone was scared of corona,some guy was arrested and locked up in Kayole Police Station.While in the cells,he was coughing ile mbaya like a tractor stuck in the mud.He told the cops to release him juu ako na corona but they refused.The cops isolated him and locked him up in his own cell and called an ambulance to pick him up.When the ambulance arrived,no one wanted to touch him.They gave him his bag at the OB desk and he was walking very slowly while staggering and coughing.You should have seen guys commenting ati wah,this is what corona does to the human body?Guys were really scared.The ambulance guys opened the door and the ramp so that he can walk in.Hakuna mtu anamsaidia.All the while he is staggering and really struggling to get until the ambulance.After ameingia they closed the door of the ambulance and left.
The story goes that the guy was pretending all along.Ambulance ilifika kwa bumps just before the Donholm interchange he opened the ambulance door and disappeared into the Donholm darkness.

when lungs capacity is affected one becomes very weak…or “the story goes”

man some people must be very stupid

Bless his heart, what a patriot:D