Mid term pole to end the debate

We all know it doesnt matter the logic used. At the end of the day its the support you get of your nareative that matters.

So let take a vote and see what the outcome is of the preffered president in America

Take the pole!

This pole will end after 24 hours! Tuchangamke!


Trump for me, Trump.

If there is something obvious to me is how the democrats are willing to rig the vote just to ensure they harass DT over the next couple of years. It reminds of ODM/NASA talking about making the country ungovernable. I won’t be surprised if people take up arms in certain states against people they perceive as minorities. Hate crimes will be up this coming two years.

They know they are on the loosing side…its a trench fight!

Keep the votes coming. The results will be released at 6pm today

Vote Vote Vote!

Templar, uko na interest ya hii vote sana aje?

Ktalk has never been wrong on a real world vote.