Mid morning Sacco

Morning ,

Family comes first.
Love hard.
Good day talkers.


watuwa SDA walog out

Morning @pseudonym naona ni miti na rungu zinaoshwa

d(~.~)b naskiza hii.


kwanza Hio part ya piano inanibamba saana.

@Eng’iti kuja hapa :D:D they don’t even charge their phone’s today !

Naah… The rungu holder is held up at work.
Leo its just me and the rugrats.

@pseudonym wishing you life,love,laughter and ofcos losts of thresholds from @Pseudonyms

**and this sacco is not registered **

I have been watching this, though it is meant for the children, but like it, on citizen 9:30 am

Have the minions prepared the sloppy breakfast or they have gone back to school?

I guess you are you at Giraffe center… those animals have loooong tongues and enjoy licking.

:D:D:D:D they are reporting back on Monday.
They are prepping lunch now. Karibu

I will try and maintain a PG rated mind today.

your mind is slowly rotting. who thinks like that

Like what? What did you think?:confused::confused: