Microwave graduates

Wakubwa , hii ndio hua mnasema OSUNGU.DLL ama ???[ATTACH=full]24997[/ATTACH]

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is that phone tri-sim?


They say education is what is left in your head after you pass through the system.

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maybe he was drunk while posting this

lol my thoughts


Hawa ndo wale ugraduate vitu za ufala kama Diploma in uchokosh


mtu ameitwa hapa…sitasema ni nani

Nope ,he jst wore his cuzo/friend gown.


ni simu haina autocorrect function

Kuweni wapole. Maybe Osungu is not his first language. Maybe he’s those Rwandese on an educational exchange program. Have u ever tried to speak to those guys in English?




Then why struggle with a language he is not conversant with? Hii typo yake imezidi, hata kama ni ulevi nimekataa

That university should have kept that fellow there forever to spare themselves further embarrassment.

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This is an embarrassment to the institution that did the conferment.

lakini enyewe, there’s no graduate that can write this.we can not even call it english