Microsoft admits Android is the best operating system for mobile devices

That’s like the moon admitting that the sun is the best source of light.

Yet there is a MEGA star that dwarfs our sun light years away…

Is like USA admiting that China is the super power


Microsoft is just too smart for google. wanacheza long-term game and they are about to launch google devices. Microsoft has been offering various google apps for a while now. They are also collaborating with hardware manufacturers like Samsung and LG to include their apps by default. Saa hizi ukununua S10 iko na apps za microsoft. If google is not careful it will be eclipsed by Microsoft.

but they are,otherwise states wangekua in thier panties by 1990,but ju americans have never won any war let alone fight with any country…i will let you bask in the idea that they are:cool::cool::cool: