Michuki turning in his grave

lawyers slap michuki’s daughter with a bill of ksh 189,000,000

Ati legal fees for repping her interests in cases where the siblings are fighting for control of their father’s wealth.
What is it with families and wealth. They do not seem to like each other despite having grown up together kwa nyumba moja. Even my folks and their siblings got into such disputes when the patriarch passed on.

Pesa ya waizi wacha ikuliwe

Lawyers are rogue and prey on clueless scions of tycoons, she must have signed that fee note without knowing what she was getting into - a mix of a percentage of the contested wealth and possibly the manhours taken. But as they say, easy/croocked wealth evaporates faster than it was acquired.

I thought mlisema Michuki alikuwa homeguard who put down the gallant freedom fighters …



The daughter in question :

Nowadays so many people have victim type stories. It’s all most a thing for people to identify as victims.

Tuna ngoja kale kamchawi ka gatundu kanyurie. Hiyo mali ya jomo mgondi tunagawana.

Sijasikia DJ CK ?


She was being charged 32,000 per hour. Maybe she used to go there and rant and air the family dirty linen and the lawyers were always eager to listen as the bill edges up

Mimi nitachukua Brookside niwe Tu nanyonya maziwa